November 3, 2010

So, I was thinking...

Those 4 little words? Lee hates hearing them! Haha. With good reason, sometimes, I suppose.

You see, I say those words a couple times a month, most often followed by some grand idea I have that is either time consuming or costs more money than he'd prefer :)

So, I was thinking, we should put in french doors on that wall.

So, I was thinking, we should make some built in cabinets on the back living room wall.

So, I was thinking, I should stop taking my birth control. (haha, surprise 8 weeks later!)

Last week, I said "So, I was thinking, I wish we would have made the office Cooper's room and made the guest room the office."

And it's TRUE! We should have. And I have good reasons.

Cooper's room houses the 1/2 bath. I never realized how important that 1/2 bath was to the longevity of our marriage.

Cooper's room shares a wall with both the living room and the kitchen. This is a problem because we make dinner after he goes to bed. And we hang out in the living room all evening. And while we don't HAVE to be super quiet, we don't want to wake him up with loud movies or tv either.

Cooper's room is right by the front door. So if anyone comes to the door. Like the pizza man the other night, I'm always worried he'll wake up. Not to mention what if someone broke into our house through the front door. He would be the first one they would get to :(


When we decides which room would be his, well it wasn't really much of a question or discussion, we both just assumed the guest room would go and it would become his room. I didn't even think about it.

We should totally move his room. All I would have to do is paint it, but ugh! I am so sick of painting that house, I'm not sure if/when I'll ever get up the energy to do it.



Erica said...

Ha, I love all of your examples. Especially the birth control one:)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Have you been waking him up already with the livign room and kitchen walls sharing walls with his room? If not...mabye wait it out :)
I am lazy when it comes to painting though...and moving things :)

katandkarl said...

oh yea I'm with you on the "I was thinking" page... usually my thoughts are "I was thinking YOU could..." b/c I am lazy like that. :)

Jennifer said...

I was thinking we should remodel the other bathroom. I've been thinking about that one since July. Here's to hoping it doesn't take you guys that long to move Coop's room. Love you!

Jax said...

ha! Love that "I was just thinking..." Mine is "it's not a big deal, but..." haha.. I say that a lot when something IS a big deal. So, it's really not helping to preface by saying it's not.