November 12, 2010

Phone Photo Friday

One of the awesome things about having my dad watch Cooper is all of the pictures he sends me throughout the day. Some days he's better about sending them, and some days I have to ask. And I do ask :) And I think he gets annoyed sometimes, haha.

This is a series of pictures that I received on Wednesday and Thursday from him, and what he said with each one underneath the picture.

{Sleeping on his side}

{All gone}

{I had a very long nap and poppa tried to get me to say 'hi daddy' for a pic}

{Yes he's fine. Playing in his saucer now}

{OUT. He had pulled the burp cloth over his face.}

{I just ate a big bowl of rice and carrots.}

Picture messaging is the best invention ever!
Happy weekend!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

OMG! I love your dad's captions and all the pictures!!
My dad would NEVER EVER be able to watch a baby so I think it is super cool that your dad watches him!!

Brown Girl said...

Your dad is seriously precious! The pic where he is trying to say 'hi daddy' is hilarious!

smile steady said...

Aww, what a doll!

Katie said...

I swear to you I have NEVER seen Emeline sleep all hands-free like that. She is SUCH a little swaddle bum. She has NO idea how to keep her hands free and be content. Mom fail? Maybe.