November 8, 2010

5 Months!

Dear Cooper,

Today you are 5 months old! This month you have become so active! You have also become aware of so many things in the past month. I can't tell you how much fun it is to watch you become aware of all the things you can do.

You started rolling over and every time we lay you down, you flip right over onto your belly. This would be okay with us, but you have never really cared for being on your belly and that hasn't changed too much :) We have to flip you back over pretty soon!

You LOVE to stand! Your little legs are so strong and you love for us to let you stand on our laps. We do this all the time!

You are also trying to pull your body up into a sitting position. Whenever you are reclined, you often arch your back and lunge your head forward, as if you're trying to sit up! I still think that's a little way off, but you're sure working on it!

You discovered your feet a few days ago and you are in love! You're always grabbing them now, and when we get you up from your crib, your pajama feet or your socks are always wet, because you've had your feet in your mouth!

You also discovered your arms and you have been flapping them up and down like crazy! There is a lot of force behind those flaps and your dad and I crack up at you!

You have really started to fight sleep in the past month or so. You flail around and kick and groan. At night, you cry like something is wrong. After lots and lots of googling and calling the dr's office, we have finally settled with the fact that you just don't want to go to sleep! At night, there might be a little reflux issue, but you're on medicine for that now that seems to be helping out. Usually the only way you will calm down at night is for us to put you in your car seat. That calms you down immediately and you fall right to sleep. I transfer you to your crib a few hours later. I love transferring you because I get to hold you heavy little sleeping body for a few minutes :)

You are starting to get a little curious and a little more brave about checking things out. As you can see by your photo shoot pictures, you were really into your dog this time! You've never paid attention to him before, but this time we couldn't keep you away from him :)

You have really been paying attention to Isabelle and Zoe this month. When they walk by you, you smile your big open mouth smile! They have been warming up to you a little and give you the occasional kiss. Last night, you pulled her ear hair petted Isabelle for the first time!

You now recognize your bottle and open your mouth when you see it! So cute :) You also try to hold it by yourself, which makes it difficult to feed you because you grab onto it tight and move it all around. I've let you try it out on your own a few times though.

You started eating rice cereal, which you didn't care for much at first, but we found out that you like it really thick and since we started making it thicker, you have loved it! You have also tried peas and carrots. You liked the peas right away, but the first bite of carrots you had, you made a funny face at first! You ended up loving them though. Right now, you only eat it once a day, in the late afternoon, but we are considering starting a morning meal also, since you seem to really like it. If only I could get your dad to let you try a fruit! He is worried it will cause you to have a sweet tooth like me!

It is so easy to get you to laugh and smile! You love to be bounced, play airplane, be tickled, and to be sung to. You also love when I say "Boo!", you always burst out in a giggle! You have really started talking more and more, and I love to have conversations with you. You also squeal so loud all the time! You do this most often when you are on your changing pad, it is so funny! Sometimes you try to let out such a loud squeal that you can't even get it out! Haha :)

We went to the dr a week ago, and you weighed 16.5 lbs. You have outgrown most of your 3-6 month footy pajamas. The legs are just too short! It's funny, because the top of those pj's are a little big. I got you a few 9 month jammies and those seem to fit your legs so much better. Other than that, you are still fitting perfectly into 3-6 month clothes.

It seems like this month has been big for you in terms of you becoming aware of so many things and really starting to develop your sweet little personality. Your dad and I feel so lucky that we were chosen to be your parents! You bring so much joy to us every day!

We love you so much, Buddy!


Jax said...

Awwww this is so freaking sweet! :)Those pics of him hugging the dog are so adorable! :) And I bet Isabelle is learning patience...haha.. Cute that he pet her for the first time even if he did pull her hair. :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

He is SOOO happy and alert! AND, I can see you in him a lot now! haha, no fruit in case he gets a sweet tooth like his momma. that is funny.

Meredith said...

I can't believe he's 5 months old. He looks SO much like you, especially the picture at the top with him sitting next to the dog!