October 4, 2010

The weekend...and random ramblings, apparently

Our weekend was fairly uneventful for the most part. And I like it that way most of the time :)

I took Friday off from work. I tried really hard and took almost no vacation days before Cooper was born so that I could take off as much as I could when he was here. Well, I am patting myself on the back for that one because I have LOTS of days left for the year and I'm going to take full advantage so that I can snuggle with my sweet boy! His Halloween costume arrived Friday, and I tried it on him. Oh My Word. I'm pretty sure it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! He is going to be a scarecrow, but i'll wait until later to show you the cuteness :)

Friday I also made dinner, dessert, and breakfast for a friend of mine. She had a baby about a month ago who was just released to come home from the NICU. She also has two boys already at home, and trust me, from what I saw Friday night, she has her hands FULL! Her littlest one is not out of the woods yet and could use any prayers that you can send his way. I will not go into any detail, because I don't feel that it is my place, but I will say that I am being reminded almost DAILY of how lucky I am to have a healthy baby.

On Saturday, I finally got around to cleaning out our extra bedroom. That room has been: an office, a scrapbooking room, a workout room, a man room, and finally a catch-all room. We got rid of most of our storage unit 'junk' when we had the garage sale. All we had left was a bed. So we decided to just put the bed in that room with my treadmill. Even though we don't have a real need for a guest room, it does feel really good to have that room cleaned out, and to have all of our 'junk' gone and no longer be paying a fee for a storage unit to house a bunch of stuff that we neither need nor want!

Also on Saturday, we had a guy come out to look at the built ins to see if he could finish them off and basically make them look good. Every time someone comes out to look at them, I brace myself because it is so embarrassing. We are always criticized for how, well, janky, for lack of a better word, they are. They are not square, not level, not well sanded, yellowing because I used the wrong caulking....basically they are crap! Haha. It is costing us as much just to have them fixed and prettied up as it would have been for someone else to just make them in the first place. Oh well. Live and learn I guess. One thing is for sure, we got our 'do it yourself' itch out of our systems quickly! I never want to use a power tool again!

Sunday we cleared out the storage unit and got the bed and treadmill situated in the now guest room. Well, it's also the dogs' room because that's where their 'night night' is. We call their cage their night night. Haha. There are few things funnier than hearing your otherwise masculine, manly man husband ask your yorkies if they want to get in their night night. :)

I also met a friend at Utica Square (cute little shopping area in town). While we were there, I stopped in PotteryBarn Kids and got Cooper this fun toy that he loves. I'll try and take or find a picture of it. It's really easy for him to grab on to and he can also shove it in his mouth, which he does with voracity! He really SHOVES it in there!

That's about it for the weekend. I'm struggling with deciding whether or not to join a gym. And if I do, which one? We are trying to stick to a tight budget right now, because we really want to move soon (i.e. in a year or so). But, not only are we saving from not having a storage unit, my tanning package (that I never used, at the tanning place from HELL) is finally over. So there's some wiggle room there too. I just want to make sure that I will actually USE a gym membership. But it's so hard to find the time! And I want to go somewhere that they have classes that I will like, including a SPIN class, because I really love that. I'm going to do a little research on that right now, so wish me luck!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ha, good luck with the gym search.
That was nice of you to make food for your friend! THat must be so hard.
My mom just brought over a truck load of crap of mine from her house. I saved everything- she cleaned out her attic and over it came. I have A HUGE pile in my living room of stuff to go through. Ahhh. I cant wait to clear things out. I also have a bit more to clean out of the soon to be nursery!

Kaitlin said...

Aww, I bet Cooper's little costume is darling! Way smart of you to save vacation days for snuggle time with him :) As for the gym, we used to be members at St. John's...it's a little pricey (though you may qualify for their corporate discount through your co), but they had a TON of classes, namely SPIN- it was hugely popular. And, the facility was super nice and rarely did I have to wait on a machine. When I join a gym again, that's likely where I'll go (plus, it's one of the few actually IN Midtown!)

Jax said...

My gym is awesome, but doesn't have spin. St. John (Siegfried Health) has spin and it's a really good gym. Lots of people I know go there...which is why I didnt want to go... haha.. I'm such a loner when it comes to working out...at least in terms of running into former lawyer worker people. Anyhoo, check with your company to see where they get discounts. Little did I know, but my company gets a discount TO MY GYM. I was like "Oh that woulda been good to know." haha.. :) Sucky thing about SJMC is their "application fee" of 125 bucks. BUT, when you start, you get three free trainer sessions. So, that's kinda awesome. *shrugs*