October 19, 2010

Some Things

- Since I've been back at work, I have gotten some sort of coffee drink every morning. McDonalds has a McCafe line of coffee drinks and I actually really like it. Better than Starbucks I will admit. But, they NEVER get my order right. I get a large, sugar free nonfat vanilla latte. Well, sometimes it's iced, sometimes its a medium, sometimes it's whole milk, sometimes there's NO flavoring. Last time I went, there was a...questionable..hair in the lid. It was sick. I am not going there anymore. Then today I decided to try Braums, because they now have lattes. I got the same thing. When I got to work I had my first sip. It was a MOCHA!! I like a lot of chocolate things, but one thing I don't like is mochas. What the heck people? You have a MACHINE where you just press the buttons and it makes it for you! I just don't see how it's that hard. I think that this is an excellent argument for getting our own espresso maker, right? ;)

- The contractor that's working on our bookcases, well, we haven't seen him in a week and a half. Our house is in a constant state of disarray as we wait on him to return and finish. I think we're going to try and contact him tomorrow. He doesn't have a phone, remember? I know, it sounds like we were idiots for hiring this guy, but he has done work for us before so we sort of knew he was like this. That work wasn't as time consuming though.

- We/the dr thinks that Cooper might have acid reflux, thus causing his nighttime issues. He's on some medicine and we're not laying him down right after his last bottle. Sometimes he's fine and sometimes he's not. Last night, perfect angel, tonight, had some issues and we had to put him in his carseat. I'm just glad that we now know what to do to get him calmed down. I can handle the crying, but I can't handle him being in pain. Who knows what it really is. He's just fine otherwise so I'm not really worried.

- Oh, we DID find out that the 'gentle' version of the formula were were using made him constipated. Sorry if that's TMI, but just in case it would help someone else to know that. I think it was TOO gentle and didn't really get things moving, haha. I think that's why he was so "solemn" as my dad said last week. Because as soon as we switched the formula back, he pooped 4 times in one day and was a happy camper again! Sorry for all the poop talk!

- I never thought I'd say this, but I am having huge issues with keeping up with my tv shows! The evenings are just so busy that I don't have time to sit down and watch. Or if I do, I'm always doing something else and not really paying attention. Like right now, I'm trying to watch Gray's, but I'm also writing this so I'm really not paying attention!

- Work has been really busy for some reason. It's so weird to get used to. I don't have time to play around like usual. And by 'busy', I mean that I really just have work to do during the day, period. Haha :)

- Today I was so busy that I accidentally emailed a website link to HERE instead of to my personal email address, because they both pop up in my work email and I just didn't even look because I was in a hurry! So that's what the tablecloths thing was all about, and I think I even misspelled it! :)

- Um, that website may or may not have been some stuff for Cooper's first birthday party. I can't help it. I can't NOT be doing something creative at all times. And I really am not doing a lot of planning for the birthday. I just get the urge to look something up every once in a while. :)


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

You are so creative!!
My cousin's daughter had acid reflu for the first few months of her life adn she had to always sleep kind of sitting up! I had my VERY FIRST acid reflux last week. I ate a very acidic soup. I didnt even know what I was feeling until I described it to people I was with.

Jax said...

Poor Coop with the reflux. :( Major boo. I think the coffee thing is hilarious b/c I have had that issue with Sonic before and thought "how the hell hard is it to press "vanilla" when getting a dr.pepper?!" Good grief! So.annoying. You could start stopping by that place on 18th and boston.. I heard it's good. But no drive through..which is a bummer and a half. I'm extra lazy in mornings. No drive through? No way.