October 15, 2010

Phone Photo Friday - Fright Edition

So I was driving down a street in my neighborhood a few weeks ago, and I passed this. The house is right by a stop sign so I plenty of time to stare at it and completely FREAK myself out! What the heck?! This thing is freaking scary! The jason guy sitting down looks like he follows you with his head as you drive by! It's so scary. Does this freak y'all out? Lee said the red and white things remind him of dementors (my fellow Harry Potter fans might agree with him, becasue I do)
Have a great weekend!

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Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

eeks. Before we bought our house, Andrew put up a scary guy he made in a shed that was next to our house and people used to stop and look at it thinking it was a real person standing there. I saw my dad stop in the road and go look once! haha I told Andrew we were lucky my dad didnt try to shoot it!