October 7, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Why don’t Lee and I carpool to work?  Today, we left at the same time, both went to McDonalds (don’t judge), then both drove to downtown where I work about 6 blocks away from him.  This happens every day.  Well, we don’t usually go to McDonalds, but you know.  We also both go home for lunch most of the time, and we leave for the day at the same(ish) time.  BUT sometimes he or I will go to lunch with a friend or have a work thing at lunch.  Or I’ll go to Baby Gap and shop, whatever.  If it weren’t for the lunchtime happenings, I might suggest we carpool.  But I like my lunchtime freedom J

The ‘contractor’ (and I’m using that term LOOSLEY) that is fixing up our built in bookcases finally showed up yesterday.  The guy doesn’t have a phone.  We have to call a guy who knows him and somehow he gets in touch with him and he calls us.  Or just stops by our house unannounced on a Saturday morning while I’m not wearing a bra.  Whatever.  He was supposed to start on Monday.  Nothing.  Tuesday, nothing.  Yesterday Lee went home for lunch and he was there!  Working!  The dude also likes to talk, and eat our food if we’re eating.  He likes pizza by the way.  I was stuck with him when I got home from work and Lee was getting Coop.  He kept telling me everything we did wrong while building the bookcases (Lee and I built them, and we knew we had no idea, but we just wanted to do it) then he proceeded to tell me that whoever installed our French doors did it completely wrong.  Then asked me who did it.  Then he started back on the bookcases.  I was so annoyed.  I know that he is probably just wanting us to know that he knows what he’s doing, but WE KNOW THAT, that’s why we’re paying him more to fix these things than it cost us to build them!  He is a really nice guy and means well, and he does a good job, but it’s just frustrating.

I ordered a new camera!!!  Thank the lord!  I finally decided on one and I’m super excited to get it today.  I thought I wanted a DSLR, but after a friend and a husband talked some sense into me (i.e. they said “Are you going to take a class and learn how to use it?” To which I laughed and replied “no”, then promptly had a flashback of the Mac Incident of 2010) and I realized that I’m better off with a really nice point and shoot that has great auto features.  I am not interested in taking the time to learn how to use a fancy schmancy camera.  I will most likely get frustrated and never use it!  I got a Canon PowerShot SD4000IS.  Don’t ask what any of that means.

I just found out that I might have to go on a 3 day work trip in a couple of weeks.  I was ASKED, which was nice.  Like, they wanted to make sure I was comfortable leaving the baby.  But, it’s work, am I really supposed to say no?  I know that Lee is fully capable of taking care of him, but it’s hard.  I know you know what I’m talking about.

Speaking of the baby, one week ago, he started freaking out when we would give him his bottle before bedtime.  No other time during the day does he freak out about being fed.  And by freak out, I mean: He drinks less than an ounce, starts frowning and shaking his head, then crying, then screaming.  If he’s with Lee, he can’t get him calmed down.  If he’s with me, he calms down after a few minutes.  It’s so weird.  We’ve switched his formula twice, tried the gentle stuff for gas, switched out the nipple size, tried burping him and giving the bottle again, tried giving him Mylicon in between.  NOTHING works.  Last night, I just stopped and he didn’t eat before he went to sleep.  He still slept all night (if you call waking up at 4:30am sleeping all night, ha!)  I guess he’s okay?  Maybe he’s just not hungry at night?  I don’t get it.  He has been eating more during the day.  He used to have 3 bottles during the day and then a bedtime bottle, but now he’s been eating 4 times during the day, so maybe he really is just not hungry.  But it’s still weird.  I’ll probably ask the dr about it at his 4 month(!) check up on Monday.

I often wish that I could watch reality shows like I did in college: in the back of the sorority house with a big group of girls;  all of us laughing hysterically and commenting on EVERYTHING!!  Last night I watched Teen Mom from Tuesday.  I was DYING while watching Amber’s date with WalMart guy!  I was blowing up the twitters with my comments.  I made myself stop because I was tweeting like every 3 minutes and that’s probably annoying to my tweeps.  And I love Macy, but why is her hair always a different shade of red, what is up with her spray on tan, and WHAT is the huge tattoo on her back?  Have you seen?  I need my sorority living room to watch this stuff!




Jax said...

I love the "Macbook incident of 2010" haha.. :) Eric got his camera yesterday! Fun stuff! Loving all this new camera business! :) And it's funny that ya'll don't carpool but I could see why you dont. I loved having Eric in my car for awhile, but it was tough when a meeting sprang up and I had to think about how to get back downtown to get him, etc...

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

YOu will need to let me know how that camera is. We desperately need a new one, but I cant learn anything too fancy either!
I would like my lunch time freedom too :) Plus, sometimes it is nice to have that ride to work as your alone time every day!
AND, I watched Teen Mom when I got home last night!
I was laughing out loud over Amber's date and ANdrew was home and I even heard him chuckle, although he thinks the show is garbage.
Macy's hair was horrible. I do not like fake red hair, and like we didnt see the end of her and kyle coming! He was kind of a douche about it, but I am sure he is just not ready for that. The finale is next week..then the one where Dr. Drew talks to them all.
I want to know more about the "breakup" between Farah and her baby daddy. Something happened to make her mom hate him so much.
Catelynn's mom makes me absoulutey cringe. That lady is certified crazy.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh girl, we are so much alike! I am still dealing with the "Macbook Incident of 2010" - ha! It's funny b/c my birthday is next month and my husband asked what I wanted. I mentioned a DSLR, and like your friends, he asked if I'd really learn to use it. So safe to say, that is off the list! So sorry to hear about Coop...poor guy! Hopefully it will pass soon. Manny had a stretch like that around that age and I know it's exhausting and frustrating. And I will have to get back on Twitter...it's messed up on my phone so I haven't been on in ages! We can have a twitter watch party for Teen Mom b/c I'm obsessed! I am right there w/ you on all your thoughts. So wish we lived closer and we could have watch parties - ha! Seriously though, we'll have to meet up sometime. Are you in Tulsa or OKC?