October 26, 2010

Our weekend and the pumpkin patch!

The weather around here on Saturday was perfect for laying around all day. Rainy, cloudy and dark all day. Unfortunately we had several things we needed to do, including going to a wedding, so we didn't get to take much advantage of the weather.

Saturday morning Cooper and I ran a couple of errands. We went to Target and then to Ulta. We had to go to Ulta because I needed some hair products and it was the last day for my $5 off coupon and I didn't want it to go to waste. Well it must have been my lucky day, because when I went back to get my Bug Sexy Hair Root Pump, they were having a buy 2 get 2 FREE sale! It's never buy 2 get 2, so you can bet your behind I got 4 items! Hairspray, backcomb in a bottle, and 2 root pumps! Does anyone else use Big Sexy Hair stuff? I swear by their root boost, even though my hair isn't crazy voluminous when I use it, you should see it when I DON'T use it! I've never used the backcomb in a bottle, but I've heard from several people that they love it so I thought I'd give it a try. I also still got to use my coupon, so I got $80 worth of stuff for like $35, crazy :)

Saturday afternoon we went to a wedding. It was a friend of Lee's that I actually went to college with, so I knew several people in the wedding. Sadly, no alcohol was served at this wedding. If you had known this guy in college, you'd have been SHOCKED at that piece of news! There wasn't even dancing. It was the most low key wedding ever, I think we were there 2 hours total from the time we walked in. We had a sitter for Copper, but there were actually lots of babies at the wedding and we were sad that we didn't bring our little guy. I hate going places without him.

After the wedding, we DID get to take advantage of the gloomy weather. Well, I did at least! Lee went to a friend's house to watch football while I laid around the house. Cooper goes to bed really early (around 5:30) so after I put him down I did some laundry and caught up on my DVR'd shows. I stayed up until 10:30! Haha, I'm so old. Usually I don't make it much past 9, sometimes 10 on the weekends, but I guess I decided to get a little crazy on Saturday. In my defense, Coop wakes up at 5 every single morning, so we don't ever get to sleep in!

On Sunday, we went to the pumpkin patch!! Cooper had his cute Peek A Boo onesie with a ghost on it. Of course he threw up all over it the second we put him in his carseat. Awesome. We managed to salvage the outfit though. The place we went to is about a 20-30 minute drive so of course little buddy fell asleep. I was content to just wait in the car until he woke up. He doesn't take long naps, 45 minutes at the most. But Lee someone decided that we should just wake him up. Danger Batman! Bad idea! He was a total grump! I would have been too if you woke me up and took me in the bright sun with tons of people in an unfamiliar place!

When Cooper wasn't screaming his head off crying, he had his head buried in our shoulders. Poor buddy, I felt bad for him. We DID manage to get some pictures though, And I think he's cute even when he's not smiling, so I'm good with what we got :)

We also re-named him for the day. Behold:
This series was taken right before we left. I figured if we were leaving anyway, I'd risk the possible screaming tears and take some pics. He wasn't having it!
I did get this cutie while Lee was holding him. You can't really tell but he was actually smiling in this one! His fist is always in his mouth these days.
And we managed to get a decent family picture, I think. He pretty much refused to look at the camera all day, so we'll take what we can get!

That was about it for Sunday! We got some fudge and hightailed it out of that nightmare place. Cooper was cranky for the rest of the day. I'm not trying to say anything, but I do want to reiterate that it was not my idea to wake him from his nap.... :)

We did nothing for the rest of Sunday. I didn't even go tot he grocery store. That is really NOT like us!


Stephanie said...

Super cute pictures!!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

He looks cute even when he is not smiling!! Love the family picture! :)
I still cant get over a wedding without alcohol!! whoa is all I can say about that!! I Want alcohol even served at my baby party...even if I cant enjoy others should be able to!!!

Simply Me said...

Love your blog, new follower!! :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh my word, Coop is SO cute!! I love the photo sequence...cracks me up. The things we do to our boys! Just too fun. Love your family picture! And how'd you score a $5 off Ulta coupon? I need one of those.

emily said...

Love the pumpkin photos, so cute!!!

Jax said...

hahahaahaha! Grumpy McGrumperson.. hilarious! He's so cute even when he's not having any of the photo fun. Comedy. My co worker was talking about how she's excited to dress her son up this year b/c it's the last year she'll likely have any say in what he dresses up like! She's dressing him as milk and cookies (with his cousin being cookies). He thinks he's a robot and keeps saying "I'm robot!" which I find awesome. She's like "you're milk!" and he says "Milk robot!"

That was a random tangent, but I think kids are cute around halloween. period.

And I have never used big sexy hair, but I think I neeeeeed to... interest is peaked!

Meredith said...

Cute pictures of the little man! And the family shot is really great! Getting three people to look good in a picture is impossible (I know this because of my brother's family)! :)

brooke knight said...

why havent i seen this blog? yours must not be on my reader for some reason. i am off to fix that and email you the pic from the pumpkin patch of cooper and parker in the pumpin cart thingie!