August 31, 2012

Kansas City Trip!

We went to Kansas City last weekend to celebrate my 30th.  Originally, we were going to go to Chicago and live it up, but then life happened and I had to get new brakes on my car.  There went our airfare :)

Kansas City ended up being perfect anyway.  We have been before, so it was a nice relaxing trip.  Just what we needed!  We didn’t do much, intentionally, so don’t look for anything exciting here :)

We left Friday morning after dropping Cooper off at school and the dogs off at my parents’ house.  Lee insists on driving when we go on road trips, so I feel no guilt for usually sleeping most of the way.  So, after a nice McDonald’s breakfast in the car, followed by a 3 hour nap, we were there!

Our first stop was lunch at Jack Stack.  I had asked around for barbecue places, because that was the one thing Lee wanted to do.  I learned that there are about 3 different places people swear by, depending on your taste.  Jack Stack was in the Plaza (where we were staying), and my boss recommended it, so that was where we went.  It was really good!  And I don’t even care about barbecue.

Jack Stack 

After lunch, we checked into the hotel and set out to shop! Lee was so good about going shopping with me.  Luckily he had his phone, and could do pretty much whatever on there to keep busy.  I think we were in H&M for over an hour and he didn’t say one thing :)  He even walked around with me for a while.  Haha. I bought quite a few (fall) things at H&M, both for me and for Cooper!  I love that they have kid’s stuff, but their sizing is strange.  I ended up getting Coop size 4-6, even thought he normally wears a 2T.  Luckily, it all fits him.  Just a bit long, but I’m fine with that.  Lee let me get him (Cooper, not Lee) some black skinnies :) :)

We shopped around at a couple more stores, then headed back to the hotel to rest up before dinner.  We went to Kona Grill for dinner.  Mostly because they had sushi.  It was very good!  We got calamari and several different rolls.  One was steak and lobster, and it seriously tasted like a whole meal in your mouth! Kona

I wanted to listen to some live music after dinner, but we also didn’t want to drive anywhere (we stayed at the Plaza), so we wandered around for a little bit.  The weather was awesome the whole time we were there, so it was nice to just walk around.  We stumbled on these horse drawn carriage rides, and figured why not!  We had never done one of these before and it was fun!  Our horse’s name was Gerdy and she was so sweet.  When we said her name, she would turn back and look at us.  She also let us pet her.  Our driver told us that Gerdy was very popular with all of the male horses, haha!

Horse Ride

After our ride, we just happened to hear music playing and there was a group playing right out on the plaza.  Come to find out, they were a family band that was/is competing on America’s Got Talent.  I forget who it was, but they were passing out flyers to vote for them.  We listened to them for a while and ended up at a bar for a few drinks before hitting the hay.

Saturday we slept in!  Well, if 6:30 counts as sleeping in.  Sadly, it does for us.  We got ready and walked down to the Classic Cup for breakfast.  Their Saturday breakfast is okay but, they have an amazing Sunday brunch!!  We didn’t go this trip, but we’ve had it before.  It was a gorgeous morning.

Classic Cup

After breakfast, we headed out to City Market.  This was the hugest (is that a word?) farmer’s market I have ever seen!  I just randomly read about it online, and we decided to check it out.  We were in awe, and so jealous that we don’t have anything even remotely this big.  I was most amazed at the spices you could buy by the scoop.  It was $1 a scoop people!!  And they were big scoops. They had every spice you could imagine, including combinations like the ones below.  The picture below was like 1/5 of the spices available.  They also had several people/groups playing music.  One was a band that were playing with kazoos, washboards, and tin cups.  They were really good.

City Market

After City Market, we found a few antique stores in the area and spent a couple hours wandering around those.  There were some that we huge.  One was 4 floors.  I love antiquing and Lee was a good sport :)

We headed back to the Plaza around lunch time and ate at Houston’s.  I had the best club sandwich ever.  Seriously.


Then we shopped some more :)  We also went back to H&M, haha.  I basically bought everything in the store.  I really wish we had one here!

By 3ish we were wiped out, so we headed back to the hotel to relax.  We face timed with Cooper.  It was the first time he actually understood that you can just have a regular conversation on the phone.  He had a lot to talk about.

There was a movie theater right across from our hotel, and maybe it seems random, but we decided to go see a movie before dinner.  We normally never go see movies but I love going to the theater.  We saw The Campaign and it was funny.  No Anchorman, but not bad.  I do kind of wish we would have seen Hit and Run instead.  Here is an awkward picture of us before the movie.


After the movie, we headed to Cafe Trio for dinner.  We had seafood and steak.  And several drinks :)  It was yummy.

Cafe Trio

On Sunday we slept in until 8am!!  We never do that!  It was super late to us, but awesome that we were able to sleep in :)  We decided not to wait around for brunch at the Classic Cup, and instead just hit the road to go home.  I do regret not staying for brunch!  But, we were ready to get home and see Cooper. 

We had a fun, relaxing weekend, and I definitely could have stayed another day!  Maybe next time.


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Sounds like a good visit to my fair city! Next time you have to go to Oklahoma Joes. The original location is in a gas station (weird I know) and there's pretty much always a line out the door, but it's SOOO worth the wait!!

There's also a little breakfast place just up the street from the Plaza called Eggct. Beats Classic Cup hand down!

I'm going to have to check out H&M, I haven't been yet!

Aja said...

How fun! I love the Plaza. And H&M! Seriously wish we had one around here.

katie@tulsadetails said...

I am living vicariously through you! The food looks fabulous! Also, tell me about the dessert you had that BBQ place! It looks amazing! :) Glad you had a fun trip! Next blog post - pics of your new clothes! Dying to see what you got!

Ashley said...

HA. that pic before the movie does seem a little awkward, but cute still :) AND I LOVE H&M! We dont have one up here but I used to go to the one in Boston ALL The time. LIke every other Thursday on pay days. haha. I loved how I could get work clothes AND going out clothes..all for good prices. You just reminded me I need to book a flight to chicago for Nov. THE sushi is making my mouth water. thank you :)