August 16, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Nothing like a weekend recap 2 days before the NEXT weekend, right?

Cooper woke up super early (surprise!) and was pretty restless, so as soon as it was Acceptable Time to Get Out on a Saturday Morning, we headed to the donut shop.  Cooper wasn’t sure at first.  We tried to get him to pick out a character donut, but he was being shy, so I got him a plain one.  Then a few minutes later he suddenly perked up and selected a Patrick star (from Spongebob).  I don’t even need to say that he loved the donut.  Duh.  It’s a DONUT.  They are pillows of delicious sweetness.

Coop greeted everyone that came in to the shop with an enthusastic “HI!!”149

Then we headed to a local farmer’s market and picked up these super delicious peaches.  So good!


He loves to put on my shoes.  He actually can walk well in all of my heels!


We went to the fabric store, where Cooper found a display of stuffed animals.  He kept picking one out, then he would run SCREAMING “Mommy!!!” down the center aisle of the store and find me to show the animals (Lee was with us, so he wasn’t alone).  There was a long line at the cutting counter, so we were there for a while.  I’m pretty sure everyone was ready for us to leave.  Honestly, I thought it was kind of cute, but no one else did.  Whatever.  At least it kept him busy.  When we left, he got to pick one out to take home, and of ALL the animals, he picked out this creepy squirrel.  It also makes a creepy squirrel noise when you press his tummy.


Sunday we went to the grocery store.  Where Cooper now requests to see the fishies.


Oh, and I turned 30 :)


We didn’t do much.  Just went to dinner and had ice cream cake with my family.

Picture 001 

The real celebration is a trip to Kansas City.  Just me and Lee!  Yay!!  We’re not going for a few weeks though.

Picture 002

Seriously, WHY is he so big?

Picture 005

With Uncle Tyler

Picture 010

With Nonnie and Poppa

Picture 008   

Clearly someone was worn out from the weekend :)



Kaitlin said...

I love when the kiddos wear our shoes :) Leighton has practically been running through the house in my high heels...She'll have it mastered by the time she really can wear them!
Have a blast celebrating your birthday in KC!

Meredith said...

Lady--starting a blog post out with donuts AND peaches was pretty much the meanest thing you could do (only because I adore both and currently have neither). :) Love all of the pictures, even the semi-creepy squirrel. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and have a blast in KC--I love that place!