August 6, 2012

Girly Birthday Celebration…and a Sickie

This weekend I celebrated my birthday (early) with my girlfriends and it was so fun!  We went to the Melting Pot and had a slumber party :)  It was perfect!

They had the house decorated all cute!

bday collage 3

Love these girls so much!

bday collage 1

No lie, we drove to dinner in a minivan :)  It was pretty awesome.

Dinner was SO SO good!  We got the flaming turtle dessert fondue which was chocolate, caramel, and pecans and it was amazing.  I literally ate it with a spoon, ha!

After dinner, we went over to Jenny’s house to spend the night.  We stayed up and chatted for a few hours, and then Jenny FELL ASLEEP, so we decided it was time to head to bed.  I think we slept in until 9 or 10 the next morning.  I seriously don’t know the last time I was able to sleep in that late, it was awesome! Then we had mimosas and bagels :)

bday collage 2 

But…While I really did have an amazing time with the girls, I wasn’t able to entirely enjoy my evening because Cooper wasn’t feeling too hot.  He threw up several times over the weekend :/

AND the ironic thing is I had just been thinking that we have been lucky that he hasn’t had any type of stomach bug.  And then we were getting ready to leave the house Saturday morning when he threw up all over the bathroom floor :(  Luckily it was on the tile so no carpet vomit. He actually seemed fine after.  I went ahead and left for Jenny’s late that afternoon, and even though he was a little clingy, Cooper seemed okay. 

Then during dinner, Lee texted me that Cooper had been sleeping on the couch and started running a fever and refused to take any medicine, which is odd, he usually loves medicine.  So naturally, I worried about him most of the night, but Lee eventually got him to take medicine and he went to sleep.  He threw up again Sunday morning, so I headed home, instead of going to the pool like we had planned. 

Obviously I would rather be with my sick kid than go to the pool. but the timing of it all just kinda sucked.  I was glad I went home, because Lee said he had been asking for me and all he wanted was for me to hold him.

But, he perked up a little later and we were able to enjoy our afternoon. Lee even put up a porch swing that my dad gave us.  Cooper LOVES their porch swing, so he wanted him to have one over here too :)


That evening, Cooper got progressively grumpier, and asked for a bath at like 6pm, so we did that and got him ready for bed.  He kept crying and saying owie about his mouth.  He is getting his 2 year molars, all four at once of course, so it’s got to be hurting.  Then we fought with him to take motrin, and he never did end up taking any.  He woke up several times, and finally around 10, we got him to take some.  I bribed him with Bob the Builder.  I also tried honey and ice cream which usually work, but he didn’t want anything in his mouth.

Sweet boy wanted us both to sit with him :)


This morning I had to wake him up to go over to my dad’s, and he went right to sleep when he got there, so hopefully he is catching up on his sleep.  I think this is all related to his teething.  I am ready for those suckers to come in already!


Ashley said...

oh my gosh- POOR BABY!! :((
Happy BIRTHDAY! I wish you got to celebrate without worrying. I WANT TO GO TO MELTING POT! I have never been and I know I would LOVE it.

Aja said...

Poor little guy!
Happy birthday! A slumber party sounds like a blast!

Jax said...

I think we should go everywhere in a van from now on. Road trip? We need a van. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Also sleeping Jenny makes me laugh. I like it. :) Good times this weekend and I'm hoping Cooper feels back to normal soon!