September 4, 2012

Cooper’s Weekend ‘O Fun

This boy had a great weekend.  He got to do 3 activities for the first time:

Build A Bear with my parents on Friday afternoon

 Picture 1091

Where he got not one, but TWO animals.  A rabbit and a horse.  Poppa and Nonnie are whipped.

Picture 1093

First carousel ride.  Apparently he was holding on to my dad for dear life.

Picture 1094

Please meet Habbit the rabbit and Boomer the horse

Picture 1095 

Who wouldn’t be this happy after that kind of an afternoon? (p.s. that is my brother’s creepy tanned hand. He works outside all day)

Picture 1096

On Saturday, I took him to the zoo for the first time. (Lee was gone all weekend)

Picture 1089 

He was a little more interested in the squirrels then anything else.  Go figure.  He did like the monkeys (above).  I thought he’d love the petting zoo, but I think maybe he was just confused?  He did think he was funny when he poked this goat.  Please view the sequence of the events, and enjoy the side eye the goat gave him in the last picture.  lol

Picture 1077  Picture 1079 Picture 1078

The carousel was his favorite part of the trip.  We rode it 3 times, but he definitely wanted to ride it a lot more.  He rode it with no fear this time.  Poppa taught him well.

Picture 1082Picture 1072

And of course, he loved the train :)

Picture 1090Picture 1081 

Oh, we also rode a camel (or tamel as Cooper says).  That was fun.  For him.  Not me.  Ick.  I tried to not ride with him but it made me too nervous.  He loved it though.

Picture 1084  

On Sunday, we went to the aquarium with Jenny, Jeff, and Maddox.  I think he actually liked the aquarium more than the zoo.  He is way into “fissies” right now.


Picture 1064

He loved the “BIG crab”

Picture 1075 

Love this picture of the boys.  Cooper later took a major face plant off of that ledge.  Needless to say, we won’t be climbing up there again.

Picture 1059

I’m pretty sure Jenny and I about died of cuteness that they did this.  They ran around holding hands and it was the cutest thing ever.  These are all blurry because they, literally, were running.

Picture 1056  Picture 1060 Picture 1061

Checking out the shark

Picture 1062 

The otters were Cooper’s favorite!  They were swimming like crazy and putting on quite the show.

Picture 1076Picture 1067 Picture 1068 

We tried to make the most out of the weekend since Dada was gone, and I think we did a pretty good job!


Jennifer said...

They were so cute! Man those weekends will wear you out but glad he had an awesome time!

Ashley said...

so much fun! I need to take A back to build a bear. She was only 5 months the first time.

Meredith said...

Posts like this always stress me out because kids have SO MUCH energy and you do SO MUCH stuff! I think about our typical weekends, which we consider "exciting" if we make it to both dinner AND a movie. Yowza. Anyway, loved the pictures and it's clear he had such a great time! Your picture captions always crack me up (especially "brother’s creepy tanned hand"-- ahahaha)!