April 3, 2012

What We’ve Been Up To

Our curtain fabric came in a few weeks ago!  I was anxiously awaiting it, and when it arrived, I laughed out loud, because it came on a bolt!  I have ordered fabric online many times, but I guess never this much (about 18 yards), so usually it just comes folded.  Seeing it on a huge bolt cracked me up!  I was a little intimidated to actually start cutting it, for fear that I would mess it up, so it sat in our office for about a week or so.  I finally cut it into 6 panels, and I’ve been busy hemming them so we can hang them (don’t be fooled, hemming doesn’t always = sewing, sometimes, it = iron on hem tape+iron :) ).  I have one more left!  Hope to get this project completed and hung next weekend.  I am dreading installing the curtain rods.  Dreading.  I don’t know if there is a bigger test of a marriage than hanging curtain rods.


Moving along with more home decor stuff, we bit the bullet and bought rugs.  We are facing a lot of fears here, people.  Cutting fabric and ordering rugs.  Um, hello, rugs are expensive!  Who knew?  We had never purchased “real” rugs before.  only Target rugs.  Which yes, are real, but you know, right?  We need(ed) 3 rugs.  Entry, dining, and kitchen.  I was set on getting all woven rugs this time, not sure why.  We found a white and navy rug for the kitchen, but it’s on backorder until May. 

I am obsessed with chevron.  Who isn’t?  But, the fact that everyone else is too, made me hesitant to use it in our house.  I found this gray and white chevron rug at Urban Outfitters, and I just couldn’t pass it up.  It also passed the Husband Test.  Turns out, he loves chevron, too!  And rug on top?  That, my friends is for our dining area.  And I am IN LOVE with it.  A little obsessed, really. 


We needed something light-ish for that area, because it’s just kind of a dark corner, but it is under a table, so obviously couldn’t be too light.  I had searched forever.  And do you know how much 8x10 rugs cost?!  Let’s just say, a lot.  Or maybe I was just uneducated?  Anywho, we were set to put this one on hold, until I randomly went to Z.Gallerie.  I had never been to their website, but I randomly ended up there, and saw this beauty on sale for about half the price of anything that we had found at that point.  I sent it to Lee for the Husband Test, and it passed!  When it arrived, I was unsure at first.  It was a little different than I had expected.  Not bad, just different.  After leaving it half-unrolled for a day, I decided that actually loved it more than I thought I would.  It’s woven gray suede, with bits of silver and bronze leather running through it.  Really different than anything I’ve seen. 


Let’s look at just one more picture of it, okay? I love how the silver shimmers in the light :)  I’m not sure about keeping it clean though?  Probably something I should have given more consideration before buying it, but too late now!  I love it and it’s not going back!  (not that it could, since it was a non-returnable sale price, haha)


I have also been finishing up some little silhouette projects that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  I made this alphabet print for Cooper’s room.  No, it’s not perfect, the “y” got cut off, and I wish the “b” and “d” had more wiggle room up top.  I am fighting my perfectionist tendencies and trying to let that go.  Almost finished with his room!  I need to make a growth chart (already have everything, just need to do it), and figure out a way to hang his letters above his crib without them falling on him in his sleep.  Yes, that happened.  Oopsie, sorry kid!


Lee and I have the exact same computer.  And we always get them mixed up, so I got to use vinyl for the first time!


So, we had been going back and forth about what to get Cooper for his birthday.  We originally thought Power Wheels because he is obsessed with the neighbor girl’s truck.  But I wasn’t sold on it.  We had also wondered about a swing set for the backyard, but didn’t want to get something for him now, that he might grow out of later.  We had finally decided on a swing set that we thought he could grow with for a while, when we saw this one was on sale at Toys R Us. 


It was a really good price, and we couldn’t pass it up.  The sale ended last Saturday, so we made the trip to get it.  (Cooper now refuses to be carried anywhere.  He insists on walking.  It takes forever to get from the car to the store, which will be fun this summer! #itsalreadybeen90degreesout)


See that rectangular box on the ground there?  That is what that huge swingset came in. Lee is really excited to put that baby together :)


Who else is obsessed with Cadbury Mini Eggs? I know there a lot of you!  So am I.  It’s a sickness, really. I thought this almost-2-pound bag was a combination of hilarious+genious!  I (shockingly) didn’t buy it, but Easter is not here just yet!



Kaitlin said...

Um, the rugs & fabric look awesome!! I want a similar woven rug (sisal) for our dining room, but haven't found the exact color/size combo yet (6x9)...I've heard they are good for dining areas, but I'm sure it depends on the traffic, etc. And, I am very impressed that you are making your own curtains, sewn or not. Cooper's swingset is great-- I'm sure he'll love that this spring/summer!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the rugs and the wall color goes perfectly!!! Can't wait to see the curtains hung!! Luckily, my father in law is an expert at that. I can only imagine the stress!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love the rugs! I can't wait to see the curtains hung. Everything is coming together really well!

Aja said...

Ok I'm in LOVE with your dining room rug! It's gorgeous! And I feel the exact same way about chevron- totally love it but don't have any in my home. I think with blogs it just seems to be everywhere, but it's really not... Anyway great choices!

Ashley said...

That rug is pretty amazing! I dont think it will show too many spots...with all the "texture" in it. Cooper will LOVE That swing set!!

Jax said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the rugs! And I totally relate about getting "real" rugs.. haha.. We haven't done that yet. Getting "real" decor was enough for me. I got pier1 stuff, not random stuff from wherever.. for once.

And um.. how on earth is he old enough to have a swing set?! TIME IS FLYING!