April 24, 2012

Arghh Matey

The consistently warm weather we’ve been having lately finally convinced us to bust out Cooper’s water table over the weekend.


He received a pirate water table for his first birthday, and I remember I was so excited for something that would hold his attention.  Umm, negative.  He didn’t give a flip about it.


So, when I dragged it out from under the cobwebs on Sunday, I though, meh, maybe he’ll stare at it for 5 minutes.  I was wrong again, he loved it! 


We poured some dish soap and water in it so that we could clean everything off.  It turns out, it wasn’t actually as dirty as I thought it was, and Cooper was having so much fun (and more importantly, Mama was getting some coveted peaceful moments), that I just let him play in it, dirty dish soap bubbles and all.


He played with this thing while Lee mowed the entire lawn.  I was even able to do a few of my own things, sanding down some furniture pieces in the garage, without having to look up every 3 seconds to make sure he didn’t run into the street.

53 54  56

It was awesome.


katie@tulsadetails said...

Yay for finding the perfect gift!! Even if it's a year later ;)! You guys will probably get so much use of it all summer!!

Ashley said...

Glad he likes it now!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

It's official. i am so buying one of these.

Aja said...

Nice! Anything that will hold their attention! I've been meaning to get one for Evie- hoping she loves it too!