April 17, 2012

Busy Weekend!

We had a full weekend.  Lee had planned to be in Norman on Saturday for some football thing (don’t ask me), and I had planned to have a fun day with Cooper, but the threat of severe weather and tornadoes kept Lee home, and put a damper on the fun plans I had for Cooper and me.

So instead of all that, we stayed home and hung curtains!  It’s always so stressful to hang curtain rods because you have to get them just the right height and all, so I am always nervous.  But, we got them all hung in a couple of hours, and they all look great!  I need to fix one curtain panel that is for some reason an inch longer than the others, but other than that, I am happy with how they turned out.  Here is a horrible picture of the playroom.  I’ll try to take better pictures once that last one is hemmed correctly.  So probably in about 6 months :)


The rest of the day was spent playing with Cooper, doing housework, and going to the grocery store. 

Can we talk for a minute about how my kid doesn’t need any real toys?  He would rather play with pots and pans, bowls, spoons, and anything in our bathroom than any toy you could buy him.  He kept himself busy for 30 minutes playing with my hot rollers!


Anyway, we all went to the grocery store, which rarely happens (usually I go alone) so it was a big outing.  Haha.  Cooper was very good while we were there.  The weather was pretty nice when we got home, so I took Cooper to the park.  It was super windy, but there was NO ONE at the park, so he got to run all over (it’s a huge park).  He also went down the HUGE slide and loved it.  I had a small heart attack the first time, but he thought it was the best thing ever!  After the park, it was dinner, bath, and bed time.

On Sunday, we went to Lee’s hometown because his aunt was going to be passing through.  It’s a 3 hour drive, and Lee didn’t want to go down on Saturday because his family can be a lot to handle :) so we had a long day on Sunday.  Cooper had never really been on a long drive, so Lee was concerned how he would handle it.  I wasn’t worried and figured he would sleep both ways. I mean, the child wakes up at 4:30am so he is usually tired by 9, which is when we were leaving.  Sure enough, he conked out after about 20 minutes.


BUT he only slept for an hour.  Luckily he kept himself occupied with snacks and a portable DVD player we took with us so that he could watch Elmo.  He was pretty antsy the last 45 minutes of the trip, but not too bad.

We had a good visit.  Lee’s aunt is so nice, and she loves the kids.  Cooper’s cousin Cailee was there, and they got to play a lot.  She is a year older than him.  They were so cute walking around and holding hands :)  Cooper charmed everyone by blowing kisses and generally being hilarious.  He also had to apologize a lot for being a bully, but that’s pretty much par for the course with him.  We also got to visit with Lee’s childhood friend and their family.  They have  a little boy Cooper’s age, so it was fun to all get together.  Lots of pictures were taken, but none by me.  Oops!  I was running around after Cooper the whole time.

We left around 5 and we were all exhausted, so I thought Cooper would sleep.  And he did.  For an hour.  And then he kept saying “down! down!” and I felt bad that he had to stay in his car seat.  I moved to the back with him and tried to distract him with books and movies, but he wasn’t having it.  He kept reaching his arms out to me :( I knew he was hungry, because he refused to eat lunch, so we pulled over to McDonalds (which I don’t like feeding him, but it was the only option) and got him a yogurt parfait, the only thing I knew he would eat.  And of course he wanted to feed himself, so there was yogurt everywhere.  It was mess and I almost started crying, haha.  So for the last hour and a half he alternated between whining and being occupied by watching Cars.  Whew.  I was completely exhausted and had a giant headache by the time we got home!  Luckily Cooper was tired and basically asking to go night night so bedtime was fast and easy.

We need a weekend from our weekend.  And I’m sure Lee will feel the same way next Monday, because we are going to Dallas on Friday to go to Ikea(eeeep   !) and then he is going to try and put the swing set together next weekend!


Sweet Simplicity said...

We missed you on Sunday! I LOVE the way the curtains turned out!

Ashley said...

i have seriously contemplated moving some of A's toys to the basement bc she would rather play with all the other things around..like empty the desk drawers, the pots and pan cabinet, etc. And...that car ride- I FEEL YOU. Last week I had to drive 2 hours south to pick andrew up..she slept the whole way there, but then she wanted OUT...and she was hungry. He got in the back and fed her a yogurt...AND, he then got car sick so we had to pull over for me to get back there so he could drive. and the yogurt got ALL over the car seat..and I have now washed the straps twice and once it dries, I can see white marks again. ugh. THEN, I made that trip again THIS weekend, but I planned it better so she slept on the way down and the way back.
The curtains look great. Ive never hung curtains but it sounds horrible. lol.

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

they turned out so great! Love them! And coopers hair when he is playing with the curlers?! HEARTBREAKER. I also love the one of him asleep with his book. :) And IKEA!? that sounds fun too! I saw you comment on Sarah's post (I know stalker right) that you need to come to OKC and YOU DO! Come hang out with us :)