April 19, 2012


Cooper is so funny with his “language” that he has created.  You know, the toddler-ese that seems to be so different for every child?  The one that parents can totally understand, and you used to wonder how on earth even the parents could understand, but now you get it?  Haha, well, Cooper’s language isn’t that difficult to understand actually, but most of it is darn cute, and Lee and I often find ourselves getting him to say certain words because they make us smile so big :)

Here’s a run-down of some of his not-actually-what-they-are words:

HIIIII-LO! = hello (this is hands down our favorite)

neigh neigh = horse

appie = apple (appie saw = applesauce) (this is probably our second favorite :) )

ha = hot

mia mia = fruit snacks

sigh = outside, NOT the backyard, the FRONT yard

uboo = love you

heeww = help

owbie = owie

see see = sit down

pobby = potty

dowwwwwwwn = up if he’s down and, well, down if he’s up

mah mah = more

bubboo = bubbles

chee = cheese

eye = ice

paba = peanut butter (not to be confused with poppa, which is my dad)

pane = airplane

dapboo = thank you

a laugh like the Pillsbury dough boy after you ask him a question = yes

bye = bike

PAY!!! = play


Sweet Simplicity said...

How cute! You will love that you wrote all these down one day.

Ashley said...

I now get it too...except, IM THE PARENT and I STILL dont understand her. My mom and andrew "hear" anika say words all the time that I dont hear. This morning at the dentist Anika babbled something and the dentist goes "oh she said down down"
Umm, ok ...if you say so.
I hear hat. ALL DAY LONG- HAT.

Jennifer said...

I love this post! They are so cute at that age and I love their little language.