July 22, 2009

Time for goals

I don't want to work today. Really do I ever want to work? Ummm, no. And why should I really? My job is meaningless. Why do I care if we can save a multi-million dollar corporation a couple thou on taxes? I don't. We had a meeting the other day and I wanted to hysterically laugh at everyone and tell them to listen to what they were saying!! I won't get into the specifics because it's deathly boring but basically we are trying to perfect a program that is saving about $30k in taxes. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but in my corporate world, it is nothing. If we do something and find that it is off by $500k or less (sometimes more), then we don't bother fixing it because it's not worth our time! Crazy crazy world. Can I have that $500k we don't care about? Thanks. :)

So instead of working, I decided to use this time to list out my goals for the rest of this year. You are going to have to hold me to them.

You might have noticed a new space on the right hand side of my page: Weight Loss Accountability. Yes, by December, I will lose 20lbs. This is something that I have been trying to do since about January, but after losing about 10 and then gaining it all back plus some, I got a little discouraged. You might remember that I completely gave up on losing weight for the wedding because I was so frustrated. Not to mention stressed out by some wedding stuff. But I digress. So over there's a little tracker for me to record my weight lost. Not because you care, but because I care about having to put a '+any amount' for all to see. I started at zero and every week I will put a '-some amount', which will be the weight that I lost during that week. By December, the amounts had better add up to 20 or else I'm in big trouble and no trying to have babies!! I'm actually not a big fan of obsessing about weight, as much as I am about just getting my clothes to fit, but since weight's the only real, in-your-face way to track it, then that's what I'm doing.

(Yes, I said trying for babies, er a baby, as in one at a time please, God :) )

The other thing I am going to do by December is start and finish the real estate class for crying out loud!! I've only been trying to do this for over one year!! But it was just too much with working and planning the wedding, so I let it go and told myself that it would have to wait until after the wedding. Guess what? It's after the wedding! (yay for SO many reasons :) ) So I can finally devote the time to the class. Yippee!

In addition to those 2 (3?) major goals, I also need to do the following to the house, but perhaps not all before December:
- Finish sanding and painting the bookcases
- Install the bookcases
- Finish Lee's man room (paint, organize the stuff of mine that has to be in there, new tv)
- Paint the kitchen, living room, and bathroom
- Re-arrange the living room furniture (maybe get a new tv for there too!)
- Build a new vanity for the bathroom with hubby (we are master carpenters now, you know)
- Sand and paint kitchen cabinets
- New counter top and back splash for the kitchen
- Build deck in the backyard
- New carpet for the bedrooms

That's my long-term to-do list! I love making lists and crossing stuff off! It makes me feel so accomplished, even if it not a huge thing.


{lauryl} said...

Wow- that's an ambitious list. Impressive. Oh- and if you manage to lose 20 lbs, tell me how!!! I'm living in fatty-land right now...

Jax said...

Loving the list. And dude.. the more I focus on weight, the more I gain. It's horrid. I mean..pre vacay, any normal chick is eating better and working out more. Sooo..yeah...I did that...and GAINED weight. I was like "eff this" and ate what I wanted but just worked out when I could...and toned up. It was weird. When I focus on it, I eat ho hos all day.. at least I feel like that!

PS. I had a weird dream you moved. Dont do that. Thanks.

YAY BABY (IES)! :) You're gonna be so adorable prego. Just sayin. You are. :)

Love the home list! Doable but time consuming things!

Good luck and I love the list!

Meredith said...

We need to discuss a few things.

1. Your wedding pictures were beautiful. I know you were frustrated with the company but they did a fantastic job! I know you must be so relieved!

2. If you lost 20 lbs you would disappear! I'm not a good judge of weight, etc., but you looked tiny in your wedding dress! Exactly where are you going to lose this weight?? Regardless, I think it's a great way to be accountable and perhaps I'll do the same thing with exercising. As soon as other people see my stats it'll make me want to do it more (and by "more" I mean "start"). :)