July 30, 2009

Don't judge my love for HP

So we saw Harry Potter last night. Before I get into the movie, I would like to address something. It's amazing how series' like Harry Potter bring out the freaks interesting people. We got there about an hour and a half early because I knew what it was going to be like, even on a Wednesday night. And sure enough, there were already about 40 people in front of us. I kept staring at the floor because every time someone new walked in, I was like, oh great. There were 2 guys who were making bird noises for about 20 minutes. There was also a girl who had headphones on and was singing along very loudly, as if she were performing for us. There was a lady who brought a folding chair to sit in while in line. And, of course, there were the 2 couples that wouldn't stop hugging and kissing and basically making out right in front of us. Literally, one couple was less than 2 feet away and it was gross. So we enjoyed that for 90 minutes.

Sorry for that. Now, on to the movie. Uh, did the writers of the movie even read the book, or did they just make stuff up as they went along? I knew that I shouldn't have read the book again right before I went to see it!!

They didn't just add/remove stuff for the sake of time this time, no. They completely had characters doing things that, in the book, other characters did. Just one example: Luna did not find Harry in the train when they arrived at Hogwarts, Tonks did.

In addition to that, they had complete scenes that didn't even happen in the book! For example, when the Weasley's house caught on fire over Christmas holiday. I am almost positive that did not happen in the book.

And, most importantly, Harry and Ginny did not kiss in the Room of Requirement! She didn't even go in there with him! They totally kissed right in front of everyone in the common room after a quiddich match! That was my favorite part of the whole book and I was so sad that they changed it!

There were a ton of other instances where I would lean over to Lee and tell him that's not how it happened in the book. I felt like every 5 minutes I was the book police and had to let him know that wasn't how it was supposed to be! Even this morning, I would randomly say "oh and this did not happen in the book either!" I'm not going to go on and on (although I could and kind of want to) because I sound like a huge HP dork. I was just not expecting that much of a deviation from the book. I understand that things need to be sped up and maybe happen in a different way for the sake of time, but this was ridiculous. I hear that the last book will be split into 2 movies, and for the sake of the story line, I sure hope that it is!

and dumbledore pick up harry in the subway station
and harry did not hit on that girl at the subway station restaurant
in fact there was so subway station in the book
and hermione fixed harry's nose, not luna
and harry did not go to slughorn's parties, he avoided them
and harry and ginny did not come close to kissing over the holiday in the house
and mr weasley did not tell harry about the vanishing closet
we knew nothing about the vanishing closet until the very end
speaking of the very end, harry was not on the floor below dumblodore and the death eaters
he was on the same floor, behind a door, under his invisibility cloak, frozen by dumbledore's spell
and there was a big fight in the great hall and entrance hall at the end
and and and


{lauryl} said...

Agreed, agreed, on all of the above. I didn't reread the book before seeing the film, so I wasn't aware of as many of the discrepancies that you noticed, but I *was* confused since things didn't seem quite right. Did you also feel that Dumbledore's death was way glossed over? The cheesy moment where they all lifted their lit wands made me want to scream-- so uncalled for. This was definitely not my favorite film. The special effects were good, yes, but I think the story deviated from the book more than any of the others had done...

Jax said...

LOL!!! And this is why I love you! I totally need to read the books. TOTALLY. I've heard they're much better...

Ashley said...

Lauryl, I totally agree with you about them glosing over Dumbledore's death. The wand-in-the-air moment was ridiculous (not to mention that didn't happen in the book!) :) And it didn't get the respect that I thought it deserved. They could have at least showed the funeral scene.

And Jackie, yes, you TOTALLY need to read the books, they are one million times better than the movies could ever be! I have them all if you are interested! Although Eric might have them too.If my memory serves me, he was also quite the fan of good ol Harry.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Agreed! I actually made sure not to read the book this time right before seeing the movie. However I still couldn't believe how off it was. What was with the wand thing after Dumbledore died?? This isn't a concert. No lighters or encore requests needed. And why did they focus SOOO much on some of the small story lines but totally glossed over some of the big points in the book. I was utterly disappointed and to redeem my love for HP I just started rereading the book!