July 20, 2009

I love lazy Sundays!

I'm skipping Not me Monday this week because I tried and it was just too difficult to discuss our weekend in opposite terms!

So, on Thursday, we took Zoe to the dr. Now, my family has been going to the same vet since before Isabelle and Zoe were even a twinkle in their mother's eye. My parents have a 15+ year old Yorkie and she has always gone to Dr. D. Okay. Well, recently, in the last year or so, Dr. D has been in the process (IMO) of turning his practice over to a different doc, a woman who is very nice but whom I don't really trust. One day I walked into the vet's office and it was painted all of these crazy colors and there was weird furniture, i.e. a huge red couch that is super modern, not really old Dr. D's taste. He's like 65. And then we started hearing that this new doc basically tries to "up-sell" you on everything. Oh, you have a new dog from a shelter? Why not pay $60 to find out exactly what breed he/she is or is made up of. Oh, your dog is really sick and there's nothing we can do? Why don't we try all of these experimental procedures that cost an arm and a leg and probably won't actually work. Oh, your dog throws up all the time? Let's do a scary procedure on her where we stick a tube down her throat that is ridiculously expensive. Oh, your dog has terrible allergies and you've been in with her several times since November of last year and know exactly what she needs? Well why don't you come in anyways for a freaking $80 visit where I scrape a hole into your dogs skin above her eye that will cause a terrible scab and then I'll give you something else to try and then if that doesn't work, just call back next week for the stuff we know will work. Okay. Those last 2 were my actual experiences. Sorry for the ridiculously long rant. My point is that I don't trust this new doc and I never know if she's trying to do what's best for my dogs or if she's just doing what's going to make her the most money. I think we're switching vets.

On Friday we worked on the bookcases! All day, from like 8am to almost 8pm, and then went out to dinner with Lee's friend that was in town! I barely made it to 10:30. Then we got up on Saturday and worked from about 9-2 and we were finished!! It wasn't even that difficult, once we figured out how to use some of the power tools! :) There was a slight learning curve there! So they are built, but I haven't sanded or painted them or anything. I do believe that once upon a time, I would have had no problem continuing to work on them until they were complete and installed, but I must be getting old or something :) I was so exhausted after that day and a half. We didn't even touch them again the whole weekend!

On Sunday Lee played golf for 8 hours. Yes, 8! He is crazy. I laid around the house and enjoyed the quiet. I read a lot, and did laundry and picked up the house. Pretty lazy Sunday.

Oh! Our wedding pics are ready! We looked at them last night online and I will say that they are much better than I expected! I knew I was doing myself a courtesy by expecting the worst ;) Anyway, a cd is being delivered to me, so I will likely post all of them several on here once I have that. If you can't wait and you have about 2 hours to kill, here's the website. There are a ton. You've been warned. www.collages.net username: Lee and Ashley pw: 14288


The New Mrs said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! And I know what you mean about playing golf for 8 hours. My husband does the same thing and I have no idea how!

Jax said...

Agh! I'm going to look at that site this afternoon after my conference call! I'm making myself wait...I'm like a child sometimes and need a rewards system. lol!

Gah, sorry to hear about Zoe's health issues and her vet! Icks! I had a similar issue with Gracie at Woodland West.. They're VERY nice and very qualified and open late (comes in handy), but they sometimes try to up-sell me. I never know whether it's for real or not! And her shots are like 60 bucks more out there! Sooo.. I also go to Jacox on 15th b/c they're really sweet and much less "salespeople." However, I keep her records both places b/c WW is open so much later and gets her in FAST when she's really sick and I'm freaking out at 8pm on a Sunday.. haha! Yes, my dog has two doctors. Therefore, I see nothing wrong with yours having the same and highly recommend. haha! :)

And side note. I also tried not me Monday and almost had a breakdown. haha! I'll do it when I have less to say. :)

I ended up using Picasa for my banner!! I used "picture pile" and then was able to write my title on the collage in Mac's Paint. :) I need a life. lol!

{lauryl} said...

The pictures are good! They got a much wider spectrum of images for you than they did for me. I don't have a single photo of my centerpieces-- in fact, I don't think they took any pictures of the room that tables were in- the tables with the people and the centerpieces. Oh well. Your wedding looked lovely!