December 7, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Hi! Happy Monday! 10.5 more work days until my Christmas vacation! :)

You might have noticed that I put a survey to the right of the blog, so that you can guess whether the baby is a boy or girl! Please vote, I'm really interested to see what you all think!

Let's just have a little recap of the crap Lee and I have dealt with the past couple of months. You know, just for fun :)

In October, I got into the car accident. (Which, btw, was the day after I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't mention it then but I think it made it so much worse) Then, our garage door broke. That was an easy fix, but we still had to call people to come out, and we had to pay them. Then, the soap holder fell out of the shower wall. And when Lee went to fix it, the backer board fell out too so now we have a huge hole in the tile and we need a professional to fix it because I'm not messing with it! Which might not sound like a big deal, but my dad freaked me out about how they might have to rip part of the wall out and blah blah basically we would have to gut out bathroom if what he said was right. And then last week, our kitchen cabinet door freaking broke apart! Not just fell off, I mean broke into pieces and we have to get a new door. Trouble is, we are pretty sure that our kitchen cabinets were hand made by someone. And I don't mean a professional, if you get my gist. They are crap. So basically, we have to buy all new cabinet doors or all new cabinets.

Yes. So. All of that, plus everything that we already needed to do before the baby gets here (in a perfect world) it's really just all getting to me. If we planned on staying at our house forever, or even for a while, it wouldn't be such a big deal to get new cabinets for the kitchen. (um, it's small friends) But, we are only planning on staying there for another 2 years, max, so I don't want to put a bunch of money into the house just to sell it and not get the money back. Boo. Sometimes being a grown up isn't so much fun. I kind of just want Lee to say that we should just get new cabinets. That would make my life easier. Because we were planning on redoing pretty much everything except getting new cabinets. I was just going to repaint them with a fresh coat of white. And even though we are only going to be there a couple more years, having new cabinets would make those years a lot more enjoyable. (I'm in the kitchen a lot, usually, not so much these days :) ) But then you get into things like what if we get the cabinets out and find something wrong and what if we ended up having to get new flooring because right now it's a linoleum sheet that is laid around the existing cabinets and what if it just ends up being a big money pit and we end up having to do so much more than we anticipated?! Ugh!! I don't know!!! Can someone just tell me what do do? That would be great. Thanks.

Oh! And I think that there is a mouse under our stove. Yes. I know, gross. We had a minor issue with that the first winter we lived there. We knew about it only because of the dogs. The wouldn't leave the kitchen and freaked out about the stove. Well, Zoe was in the kitchen the other night by herself and started barking and running all over by the stove and sticking her nose under the stove. Then she came to get Lee. It was funny, I swear it was like Lassie. She stared at him and he got up and she kept running forward but looking back at him to make sure he was coming. Then she stood in front of the stove. I don't deal with mice well. I might have cried when this all happened. Might have. We know a good exterminator, but still. It's disgusting. Please don't judge me becuase we have a mouse, I swear I'm clean! :)

Umm, I also swear that we don't live in a dump! Haha, I just re-read what I wrote and it sounds like we live in some dilapidated shack, but we really don't. It's just an old house. There's just lots of things that you wouldn't notice if you didn't live there and if you weren't an obsessive compulsive perfectionist like I am. Maybe I should stop talking crap about it and it things would stop falling apart!


Kaitlin said...

I totally feel your pain here! You should have Lee get info from Steve on this tile/contractor guy we used...very economical and works for himself. He and his partner did our shower tile and it turned out wonderful. And, I HATE mice/rats. George killed one before my very own eyes last summer and I couldn't even touch him for days!

brooke knight said...

I feel you too on the stress of the old house! You're not dirty - there was a GIANT RAT. GIANT. in our garage. I bought the traps, but I made Paul deal with the, er, remains (they don't make humane rat traps FYI).

Jax said...

I TOTALLY understand on the raining/pouring thing.. I got an old doctor bill the other day that somehow got passed me from my broken back (wha?!) and it was large. And then I paid my speeding ticket. I could go on, but I won't. On Friday, I actually said out loud "Um... I dont feel like this one option (you know what Im talking about) is the right one, but could I please stop getting signs that I need to make more $$?" haha..

And your house is adorable, so I know it's not a dump.. haha! I would FREAK about the mouse! And your post kinda reminded me of when kat was preggo and posted things and they always included "I may have cried." :) It's kinda cute actually. Someone needs to just lock me up when I'm pregnant b/c I'm fairly certain if things stress me NOW, I'll be lucky if my marriage withstands when I have a baby someday...

And ps.. I voted.. GIRL!!!!!!!

Annie said...

a mouse! oh no!!! you poor girl!
i hope things get better and soon!
thinking of you! :)