December 2, 2009

Let's start the Christmas countdown!!

13. 5 more days until I'm off for almost 2 weeks for Christmas!! I like to count down to things.

I feel like I haven't been on here in forever! But in reality it's only been a week! I would love to blog every day, but my life is pretty monotonous lately.

We had a good Thanksgiving. It would have been better if some certain people wouldn't have been here. Sad, but true. I will just give you some highlights of Wednesday night and Thursday:

- Father in law repeatedly told us that he knows the baby is a boy. Repeatedly. As in over and over. I yelled at him. Lee backed me up.

- Mother in law repeatedly asked us where she was going to stay when she comes to visit the baby. Repeatedly. As in over and over. Lee told her there is a hotel down the street. He was not kidding.

- FIL asked me when he gets to hold his grandson. I told him that he knows the due date.

- I got to hear that FIL had a vasectomy. At the dinner table. That is a true story.

- MIL told me about 500 times that "babies are so special" and that they "melt into you" and then she would close her eyes and mimic holding a baby and just stand there for a minute. What in the hell am I supposed to say to that?

- I was told numerous times that "this time next year you'll be holding your baby". Really? Gosh, I hadn't even thought of that. So you mean that this baby is going to eventually come out?! Crazy.

- I was accosted when the in laws arrived at our house. I am weird about people touching or hugging me. I don't hug people. Well, sometimes, if I really like you :) I don't even hug my own parents that much, if ever. It was disturbing, and worse than ever because I'm pregnant. And with that combined with everything else throughout the night, I was in tears by the time we all went to bed. The next morning Lee asked them to back off of me. They did, but then they wanted to hold my hand when they left. Awkward. I'd rather fake hug you.

- I spent all day Wednesday making appetizers because FIL gets out of sorts when we have to wait until 1:30 or 2 for lunch on holidays. So I set them all out on Thanksgiving, and Lee kept telling him to go and eat something, but he was grumpy and refused to eat. Then, as I'm pulling the rolls out of the oven (that's the last thing we make, so lunch was ready) MIL comes into the kitchen and says that FIL "needs a piece of cheese". That's what he always wants when he's mad because food isn't ready. I almost lost it and I said that was why I made all of those appetizers! Lee and I discussed it, and if they are here for a holiday ever again, then I'm just buying FIL a package of Kraft singles and he can have that.

Haha, okay, I'll stop now, but that was basically how our holiday went. I pretty much stayed holed up in the kitchen all day Thursday. We were sooo relieved when the in laws decided to leave on Thursday night. Lee did a happy dance when they left. It's so hard because I really do want to include them in things, even if I don't sound like it. And it always seems harmless to invite them to stay with us and whatnot for holidays, but as soon as they get here, we are reminded of why we always say we won't do it again. Anyway, we are both relieved that they are going to Alaska for Christmas :)

On the pregnancy front, I am doing much better overall. I have a lot more energy and the morning sickness is pretty much gone. It has been replaced with some really bad heartburn, but I've discovered how delicious the berry flavored Tums are so it's not so bad :) I am also really thirsty all the time. Like I feel like I'm dehydrated thirsty. But I can't drink a lot at a time or it makes me really sick so I just have to take little drinks all the time. I am 13 weeks this week! I need to take a picture and post it! I have one from last week, but you can definitely tell a difference this week. You can tell the baby is moving up, although I thought that when the baby moved up I wouldn't have to pee every 10 minutes. Haha.

We have a dr appt next week, and we are really hoping that when we schedule the following appt, that will be when we can find out the sex! I would be around 18 weeks then. We are really anxious to find out! Well, mostly I am really anxious! We've already picked out the furniture and bedding, different styles of each, so one for boy and one for girl. AND I think that we have decided on names for both too :) That is huge because I thought we would never 1) find anything that I liked so much that I would actually name a human being that for the rest of their life! and 2) both actually agree on the names!! I will admit that I am pushing for the boy name, but I think that Lee is getting there with it. We do have a feeling as to what the baby is, but I'm not saying until we find out. I need to do a little poll or something to see what you guys all think!

I was talking to my parents about it the other day and showing them the bedding and furniture. They told me that when my brother and I were born, they weren't able to find out the sex before! Apparently they didn't have the technology. I didn't know that. I would have gone crazy!! But then again, my parents also didn't know that you are pregnant for 40 weeks, they thought 9 months times 4 weeks! Haha, I was dumbfounded when my dad was confused about this little countdown thing we gave them. I was like, you guys have 2 kids, how do you not know that?!

Okay, I'm going to try and not make every post a pregnancy post, but that is really all that's going on in life right now, so I can't make any promises.


Annie said...

what a thanksgiving you had at the in-laws, jeesh!
i'm curious on the names you decided on ;)
hope you're having a good day!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahahha. I JUST found out last week that pregnancy is actually TEN MONTHS, not 9!
Ha, BUT I can't believe you JUST found out that OUR parents did not have the technology to find out the sex of the baby way back when! :)
When my mom pushed me out, the Dr (very old Dr) told her I was a boy!!! ANd my dad was like, NO SHE is a girl!
2 of our friends recently had babies and let the sex be a surprise!! I could never!
Why does your FIL think it is a boy so much!
BY the way, they sound like a blast to have around! :))

Kaitlin said...

OMG, your holiday with your in-laws sounded dreadful, yet I loved your descriptions! Haha, at least you can find the humor in it all :) You are so ahead of the game, already having bedding and furniture picked out!! I'm still mulling over things and we have only 11 weeks left...yikes! Glad you're feeling better!

katandkarl said...

snicker...having visions of you handing over a package of kraft singles with a bow on top. hehehe.

{lauryl} said...

LOL about your thanksgiving. Sorry, I don't mean to laugh, but I can totally feel your pain. I've had very similar parent-in-law experiences. ;-/ My mum didn't know my sex before I was born, either. She was convinced I'd be a boy. That sort of blows my mind. I want to decorate a nursery based on the sex of my baby someday!!! ;-)

Jax said...

I heard this in person and laughed.. and read it again and laughed.. haha.. My favorite is the whole babies are special thing but um.. how on earth did you neglect to mention the standing there holding the fake baby when she said it thing? HAHAHAHAHA! Patient=Ashley. :) So glad you're feeling better and I'm pumped to know the sex...even though it's SO a girl! ;) And I never thought about asking my mom whether they had the technology to know the sex.. I know she didnt know I was a girl..Wow, that's nuts!!!

Meredith said...

Oh man, this was hilarious. I promise I was not laughing at your expense, I totally understand. Next time I'm in Tulsa, I want the two of us meet up and swap war stories. I've got a few doozies myself. :)

Btw, I voted girl. :) So far I've been 3/3 with my last 3 friends!

Anonymous said...

the comment about kraft singles was too funny. miss you love. glad i got to see you at ITR!! xoxo

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Do your inlaws read your blog!??!!? hahah!