December 9, 2009

Apparently I can NEVER spell 'because', and BL spoiler, just in case!

Thank you for listening to my whining the other day! Sometimes it just makes you feel better to get it out, even if you're still stuck trying to figure out what to do.

Yay, I'm glad people have been voting! I'm actually surprised that so many people think it's a girl! Lee said everyone at his office thinks that too! We went to the dr yesterday and heard the heartbeat again! That is so fun. I mean, I obviously know that there's a baby in there, but it just seems so much more real when you hear the heartbeat. While we were listening, the dr moved the little thing around, trying to get it louder, and for a minute, it sounded like there were TWO heartbeats and she just stayed there for a minute, and I almost freaked out. It must have just been the way she was moving the little wand around, but I am NOT prepared for two babies at once, thank you very much!! Lee's mom is a twin, and things seem to always happen to us in pairs, so we would always talk about how we wouldn't be surprised if we ever had twins. But, then I did some research and apparently, the twin gene would be more likely to have passed to his sister than to him, because it passes more easily to females. Just a fun fact for you all :)

We will find out the sex on January 19th! The girl scheduling us asked what time we wanted to be there between 8 and noon and I was like EIGHT AM!! And I asked for the u/s tech that I like, just to make sure that we don't get stuck with the first one we had who scared the crap out of me and made me think that something was wrong.

The other day we went to Babies R Us. It was Lee's first time ever in there, not really surprising, but still I thought it was funny. I worked there for a little while in high school, and although it is set up a lot differently, it always smells exactly the same. We were there to purchase the gifts for Lee's co-workers baby shower, but it was so hard for me to stay focused on that. I kept wandering all over the aisles seeing things I liked or wanted. I wanted to look at all the car seats and strollers and swings! That stuff is just so much fun! Lee was probably annoyed with me and kept dragging me back so that we could actually get out of there before they closed. I seriously could have walked around the entire store. Twice :) The next day I told Lee that we need to go back sometime soon! I'm sure that he was excited to hear that.

Did you watch the Biggest Loser last night?! It was a really good finale! I am going to talk about it so don't read this if you haven't watched it yet! I was really rooting for Amanda to win the whole thing, but when she came out, it was clear that she wasn't going to. Don't get me wrong, she looked great, but there is always such a drastic change in the winner. Oh my gosh, when Tracey came out, I was shocked. Yes, she was very thin, which is great and all. But, she looked really old or something, I don't know, something was off with her face. And kind of her hair. I think it's because she is not a nice person. She's not. And what was with the bones sticking out on her shoulders? That was gross. I was really mad that she was leading the at home players. When Shay got up to weigh in and got so emotional because everyone was cheering so hard for her, I told Lee that that is what the show is about, not the money which is all Tracey cared about. She did not deserve to win. But when Rebecca came out, we had to rewind it to make sure we saw correctly!! When she beat Tracey's percentage I screamed I was so excited! I was really glad that Danny won, he looked so great. AND he's from my hometown of Broken Arrow! Yay! When they showed him driving around in the next to last episode, I kept trying to figure out where he was and where is neighborhood was! Haha. I'm also excited to see Shay at the next finale, I love her. Oh, and when Abby came out, we didn't even recognize her! She looked really good. I mean, they all did, but you know.

I am always so amazed at how thin everyone's faces look at the finale! I mean everyone's face looked so thin! It's just crazy to me that they can lose so much weight in such a relatively short period of time. And I really like that the show focuses so much on exercise and not on starving yourself. I've seen Bob and Jillian yell at the contestants because they don't eat enough sometimes. I'm already ready for the next season!

We did not watch the show while eating brownies and ice cream. No, we would never eat junk food while watching a weight loss show.


Hailey {HRH} said...

awe i guess its been a while since i have commented - just wanted to say congrats on the baby if i havent already! super exciting!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

A.What hints are there that the baby is a girl?? I did not vote because I don’t get how to tell?
B. Good to know about the twin gene passing to females more than males. My husband is a twin, oh but doesn’t it skip?? Oh plus he is fraternal so I don’t know what that means.
C.I did not want BL yet. I did not get home until super late last night. I DVR’d it I HOPE and plan to watch tonight. But I already looked it up this morning. I don’t mind spoilers. I would still watch all my shows even if I knew EVERY.SINGLE thing that was going to happen. I have even read the last pages of books I am reading..however, I get mad at myself when I do that.
D. Thanks for the recap!! I CANT wait to see! AND, Did you hear the rumor about Bob and Amanda?? IS that just a rumor?

katandkarl said...

tracey looked awful - she def had some face work done, yes? a chin lift? botox for sure. and she should not have been wearing that prom-ey dress... didn't you think it was totally not age-appropriate? and her bangs? what was that? additionally, didn't you think rebecca looked a bit TRAMPISH!?!? I am glad she won the at-home but I miss her dark hair... plus the fact that she is dating daniel skeeves me out. rudy and danny both lost so much - i love BL! and the Bob and Amanda thing has to be a rumor, right? ::off to google::

Jax said...

Tracey looked BAD! I so agree! Like at her "at home" episode she looked GREAT and then something happened in between there! I thought I was the only one thinking thank you!! and i second kat's comment.. I liked Rebecca's dark hair.. She looked good as a blonde, but still.. better as a brunette...

I cannot WAIT til you find out the sex!!!!! It's gonna be a girl. Duh. ;)

Jennifer said...

Ugh Tracy looked like she was like 67 years old and Rebecca looked like she takes $67 in cash for services rendered. That's all. I am off to google Bob and Amanda, CRAAAAZEEE!