December 10, 2009

Thursday Mish-Mash

I am so bored today! It just feels like time is going by so slowly! I am REAL excited that tomorrow is Friday! Next week is my last full week of work for the year! Yippee!!! Then I'm off for almost 2 full weeks, which is so awesome!

Tomorrow Mary is coming into town and we are going to dinner and to see New Moon! I'm excited. I wanted to have the book read before, but I'm sad to say I've only read about 4 pages of it so far! And, as we all know, I am always disappointed by movies based on books so it's probably better this way. I also wanted to watch Twilight before, but I haven't done it yet! I have read that book. I think I read it in one day if you added it up. It's funny, but Lee gets annoyed when I read because I can never put a book down once I start.

This is a random question, but does anyone watch Survivor? I have watched every season since it started. This year is the best season ever!!! There is this really conniving guy, Russell and it is just so funny because he's so good at playing this game! He told everyone this huge lie about being in hurricane Katrina and losing everything, including his dog :( But in reality, he owns an oil and gas company and I'm sure that he is a multi-millionaire. (Although, don't get me wrong, I didn't agree that he lied about being in hurricane Katrina, I did think that was really wrong) Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else loves this season like I do.

So, I usually get up at least 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. I hate it! I hate to be disturbed while I'm sleeping, but I've gotten a little used to it since it's every night. We don't have a master bathroom, so I have to actually leave the bedroom and go into the bathroom just outside our door. Zoe gets up with me every.single.time. Sometimes she wants me to let her outside (which I actually rarely do because she just wants to run a lap, even in 9 degree weather), but most of the time she just comes into the bathroom with me and sits on the rug. One night last week, I got up to go and she didn't come with me, which was weird but I was more than half asleep so I don't think I even thought about it. Well, after I had been back in bed for about 5 minutes, I heard her barking. From the living room! She had gotten up and gone straight to the back door I guess and I never heard her! Haha, poor thing. So I got up and let her out and we went back to bed. Then last night, she got up with me and came into the bathroom and then she went back into the bedroom before me. I'm not sure how long I had been back in bed when I heard a little whining. Just for a minute. Then I heard it again. I knew it was Zoe but I couldn't figure out where she was or what she wanted. So I woke up Lee and I was like "Zoe is whining, where is she?" He got up and opened the bedroom door and she was just sitting in the hallway whining to be let in the bedroom! I had locked her out again!! I felt bad! She didn't bark or scratch at the door or anything except let out a tiny little whine! Aww :)

I am obsessed with the Potterybarn Reindeer dinnerware. Have you seen it?

I NEED every piece! There area lot more pieces than this. My absolute favorite are the juice glasses. They are clear and each has a different reindeer on it! They also have lots of serving ware to match! Every year I say that I'm going to buy it, but then I just can't justify it because it's soo expensive! I could just buy one thing per year and eventually I'd have it all, but that would require patience, something that I don't have. Plus, what if they started doing something different one year, then it wouldn't all match!

And then the other day, I was in Potterybarn Kids, and I saw the reindeer pattern in big graphic prints! I REALLY want these:Aren't they adorable?! I mean, just look at Vixen. Clearly that plate would be reserved for me each year.

I am also obsessed with Ann Taylor Loft. We finally got one a couple of years back and I LOVE everything in there. I randomly went in yesterday and they were having a buy one get one sale on sweaters! So obviously I had to get two. I got this waffle sweater, in brown:

It's cuter in real life, and in brown. It has little pockets and it's so soft. I also got an adorable cardigan, but I don't see it anywhere online. It has this little flower detail on it, and the buttons are jeweled. :) I get really excited when I go shopping because I have really cut back on it in the past few years.

Oh so remember my when it rains it pours post? Well, last night, Lee was messing around under the kitchen sink. I thought that he was just opening the cabinet doors because it was going to be in the single digits overnight and he didn't want the pipes to freeze. Well, as he usually does, he started poking and prodding around and the next thing I know, he's going to Lowes for a new section of pipe! I knew it was bad then because, while he is good at many things, being a Mr Fix-It is not one of them. So I just pretended like it wasn't happening. About an hour later he was on the phone with a plumber because one of the pipes just broke in half. Yep, I knew it! In his defense, from what little I saw it looked like all the pipes were rusted, and in all actuality we are probably lucky that we found out that way than when the pipes burst and we had a huge mess in the kitchen. But still. So today, Lee spent about 3 hours with this very... interesting plumber that we have used before. He's a nice guy, but SO SLOW and he loves OU football and always spends most of his time talking sports with Lee. And he always charges us a random amount that he seems to just pull out of thin air. Today, he told Lee an amount, and Lee wrote him a check, then the guy was like, "Oh no! It's ten dollars more than that!" Haha, whatever, he fixed the pipes so that's all that matters. He can have his ten dollars.

Okay, I've wasted enough of your time. There's a few minutes of your life you won't get back :)


Mrs. Wife said...

I love the Pottery Barn plates, I actually just got a set and want to use them every month! They are even more adorable in person!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

IN AM VERY jealous that you get 2 weeks off. I REALLY WISH I did not waste all my Paid time off (holiday and sick is all combined) on stupid days here and there through the year. I did not even go on a vacation this year and I used 4 weeks. I have one day left to use, and I need TWO for the wedding I am in on New Years out of state. oops.
I love that sweater! I do not have an ann taylor loft up where I live now, but I wish I did!! Oh, but on the store front, I heard a new thrift store is coming to town right near my work! Great, the will surely keep me on budget!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love those dishes! So cute!

Emily said...

i have the dishes and they are my favorite:) And the mugs and ann taylor loft is my FAVORITE store ever! I mean I fall in love with a new piece of clothing every time I go in there!! we are twinks:)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

i have to say that your post (for the most part) could have been written by me! To start, my husband and I are huge survivor fans this season. Russell is quite the player and I do hate that he lied! Second, the pottery barn dishes are my FAVE! I told my husband I'm saving the last of the gift cards from our wedding to buy those dishes after xmas. I'm sure they will be super marked down then. They also have adorable santa head plates but I love the deer dishes more than anything. And finally, I love the Loft and will have to make a trip there tomorrow after seeing that adorable sweater thankyouverymuch. Happy Friday to you (almost)!

Daily Days of MKH said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pottery barn plates...they would be a great edition to any holiday set.

Happy Holidays!