September 24, 2013

It’s meeee!!

I feel like blogging again :) I didn’t really mean to quit, but I had nothing important to write about. Not that I do now, really!

Let’s see, since last time I blogged…

- I finished my half marathon training, and ran in the OKC half. It was fine. I accomplished my goal, and did something I NEVER thought I could do.

- I started training for the Route 66 half in July. And then I realized that I don’t like running. And that’s fine. And it takes a lot of time, time I’d rather be spending with Cooper or doing something else, so I stopped training. And I am SO happy about it. Several of my co-workers are training right now, and every time they talk about it, I think “that sounds terrible”. Ha!

- Cooper turned THREE years old! He is so big now. I need to update about him later.

- I started a side business, making cupcakes, and it has been going really well!

- I’ve been redecorating/rearranging our house a LOT lately. Pretty sure Lee is annoyed about it.

- Umm, I think that’s it.

I’ll elaborate on the cupcake business later, and Coopie as well!


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Perfectly Imperfect said...

hi stranger :) how is it possible that we have 3 year olds?!?!?