July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap – Photo Style!

This was one of those weekends where I captured pretty much everything with my (phone) camera.  We had a great weekend.  We were busy, but not too busy :)

This is what I came home to on Thursday night.  The boys vacuuming.  Too cute!


Friday Lee and I took the afternoon off so that we could tackle a couple of errands/chores kid-free.  Sadly for you, I did not take any pictures of me buying fabric and paint, or of Lee mowing the lawn.  I know.

Saturday morning cuddles with my sweet as pie boy.  He has been extra cuddly lately and I’m loving it!  Why yes, I am wearing mens athletic shorts with paint all over them.  Y’all would be embarrassed for me if you saw what I wore at home.


We also went to a birthday party at a bounce place Saturday.  Cooper was SO excited to go.  He kept saying “Bounce! House!” over and over and over and over….well, you get it.  So, when we got there, what did he do?  CLUNG to me like a monkey and refused to play!  Of course!  We finally coaxed him down, and he warmed up a little on the trampoline.


And once he got warmed up, there was no stopping him!  The rest of the pictures I took all looked like this.  A big blur!


Saturday evening, we had ice cream for dinner!  I mean, how can you argue with that smile?


Somewhere in there I made this.  A little card/announcement holder.  I plan to have a tutorial up this week, hopefully.  I did take pictures for it!


Cooper has been WAYYYY into reading books lately.  He will bring one to us and say (in a pretty demanding voice) “read it mama!  sit!  read it!”  Haha.  He has suddenly become very into Max and Ruby.  I have no idea why, because we have never read or watched them, but he knows their names when he sees a book.  He will say “Max..Ruby...Read it!”  We are working on the please part :)


Sunday night we went to dinner with my parents.  Oh lord.  And Lee and I were reminded of why we never go out to eat with Cooper.  He canNOT sit still.  Not for anything in the world.  Poor buddy.  I did actually feel badly for him, because he was standing next to me in the booth, and I kept telling him to sit on his bottom, and he seriously just didn’t understand why he couldn’t run around.  His lip started puckering out like he was going to cry :(  And then he saw a baby, and it was over.  He is obsessed with babies.  We almost left, but eventually my mom got him distracted with a cup of ice.  Boyfriend loves ice.


Watering Dada’s tree.  I mean, are you not dying over his cutoff shirt?!  I had never been a fan, but I got him some because it’s just so dang hot out, and now I want to get him 100 more!  His little chicken arms are so teeny and cute!


Giving his pirate a bath before his own bathtime.



katandkarl said...

Two things:

One: Just this afternoon (out of nowhere) Nate asked me why Cooper ate sand at Maddox's birthday party. (I'm worried this is the ONLY fact Nate will ever retain about Cooper.)

Two: AGREED on the sleeveless shirts. I was anti until my mom bought me one for Nate a couple of years ago and then it was over. Too cute. He doesn't have any this summer but it was fun while it lasted! Now he must dress himself!

Ashley said...

I see you did the photo wall! It looks soo good! And I cant wait for the tutuorial for the card holder :) I have the one up I made for xmas still...not with xmas cards, but with other cards and invites, etc. I need something new for that spot. We went out Friday night, Sat night and Sunday morning...sunday at brunch they had ran out of high chairs so A had to take turns sitting in our laps...ya- She wAS NOT that great ANY of the times...we took quite a few little walks waiting for the food. I keep hoping the phase will pass :)

Ashley said...

*they ran out. oops and I love him watering the tree and his pirate :) and the mini dyson gets me everytime!