July 24, 2012

DIY Picture Holder

I had been wanting to make some type of picture/card/whatever holder for some time.  We have a stainless steel fridge, and the downside to it (other than constant fingerprints) is that it’s not magnetized, so we can’t display anything on it.  And it’s enclosed in cabinetry, so we really can’t use the sides, which are magnetized.

I got the idea of backing a large picture frame with chicken wire, and using clothespins to hang items from.  I just needed to go out in search of a frame.  Then a few weeks ago, I mentioned it to my dad, and he gave me this super old frame.  It used to hold his college picture :)  It was the perfect size for the area I wanted to hang it.  And it was free :)  I did have to putty the corners, as they all had big gaps, but it was nothing big.  They had all been reinforced on the back, so I wasn’t worried about it coming apart.


That red and gold was not our style, so I searched through our paint supply, and decided to go with navy.


But, I wasn’t feeling that at all.  So I ended up painting white over it, and distressing it a little so that the navy, and some of the wood were also showing.  Of course, I didn’t take a picture, but you can see it in the finished product.

We picked up some chicken wire from Lowe’s.  I think it was $13.  It was actually the only thing we purchased to make this.  Sweet.


I laid the chicken wire over the frame and snipped it with wire cutters to fit.  Then I just stapled it to the frame with a staple gun.

118 119

Then I found some wire hanging thread-stuff (the technical name), and just stapled that to the top of the frame and hung it up.


Voila!  Cute, right?  I love it. The detail is slightly frilly for me, but I like that it’s different than anything we already have.

121 122 

For now, we just have some random things up.  Artwork from Cooper and a Christmas picture, haha :)  Coop LOVES that his stuff is hanging up, and he runs over all the time and looks at it with pride :)  Sorry for the blurry picture.


I just used these teeny tiny clothespins to hang them.  I already had them, but I think I got them at Hobby Lobby.  And they are tiny.  I can’t wait to start getting Christmas cards, although that’s a while away, haha.

Card HolderCollage

That’s it!  Super simple and a really fun way to display cards, birth announcements, pictures, anything really.


Jax said...

Super cute! I love this! Something like this would be perfect beside our fridge! The front of our fridge isn't magnetic so we have to put everything on one side and it looks..well..cluttery and weird. So, yeah. I want to do this!

katie@tulsadetails said...

It turned out great!!! Such a good idea!! It looks great against your wall color, too!

Ashley said...

Fantastic idea. Well done! We have a stainless fridge too, so I might need to pin this and make it later.

Ashley said...

Omg, its so easy even I Can do it! I think I will need like 10 for xmas though :) I just need to find a frame!

Ashley Paige said...

Brilliant! And it looks so cute!!