July 26, 2012

Cooper’s Room – Round 2

When we moved into our house, just over a year ago, the very first thing I did was paint Cooper’s room.  I was determined to get it set up first thing.  Hahaha.  I think we can all take a guess as to whether that happened or not.

I’ll give you a hint, not.

I just finished it about 3 weeks ago!  Good grief.  While his bed and dresser remained the same (as the old house), almost everything else is new.

And here it is:

Picture 002

I had a special helper that is obsessed with being both in front of, and behind the camera.  He had to run over and see each and every picture after I took it :)

Picture 006   

So.  Here is his bed.  Obviously.  Only it’s not a crib anymore :(  Wahhhh.  The letters are the same ones I made when I was pregnant.  His bedding is fairly new.  I bought the quilt and pillowcase from this Etsy shop a couple of months ago.  He needed a real blanket and pillow instead of just his little swaddling blankets he had been sleeping with.  The lady that made his bedding was awesome.  In true Ashley fashion, I didn’t want any of the fabrics she had so I found this green fabric that matched his (apparently difficult to match) existing stripes and dots, and she was SO nice to special order it for me.  And the quality is great!  It has minky dots on the other side, and Cooper loves his “sofe blanket”.

Picture 011

This wall came together in bits and pieces.  I have had the book slings up for quite some time, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted above them.  I tried a floating shelf like the Ohdeedo-featured nurdery in the tutorial for the book slings, but I wasn’t digging it in real life.  Lee was really happy to hear that I had changed my mind. He loves hanging things for me only to hear that I don’t like it and he has to take it back down.  Finally, after Coop’s birthday, I decided to do the little 3D-ish pictures. Yes, he sleeps with the humidifier and fan every night, so they are always on display.  They are a lovely addition to the decor.

Picture 010 

I followed this tutorial for these, except I used two different fabrics.  I am NOT an experienced sew-er.  I think I have used a sewing machine like 2 times before in my life.  But, these are seriously just straight lines.  Mine are by NO means perfect.  And you can hide your imperfections in the back.  Not that I would know about that…

Picture 017 

Here are close ups of the pictures.  I ordered the animals from Etsy, and made the other things with my silhouette.  They aren’t perfect, but I was happy with how they turned out, and more importantly, Cooper loves them.  You can see the anchors from the floating shelf.  Clearly I still have some spackling and painting to do.  I may do that in the next year :)

Picture 015 Picture 016 

I made the curtains following this tutorial, and Lee made the cornice box for the window with this tutorial.  I love it because it’s enclosed at the top, so no light comes through at the ceiling, and the curtains are lined with blackout fabric.  The one on the right bothers me because it’s a smidge too long, and won’t drape well because of the heavy blackout lining.  Oh well.

Picture 008

Yep, that’s his birthday wreath.  I’m telling you he loves it.

Picture 019

Close up of what’s on the wall with his dresser.  His newborn keepsakes.  I may have made Cooper hold up that onesie to see how small he used to be.  And then I may have cried multiple times while making this.

Picture 022

I made the growth chart out of a scrap piece of wood and leftover paint and stain, so it was free!  I have his heights at various ages written down, but I haven’t taken the plunge and marked on his chart.  It make some nervous for some reason.  Cooper ran over real fast, and stood stiff as a board while I took this, haha!  So funny.

Picture 020

For purposes of full disclosure, his room rarely looks like this.  His bed has a pool noodle under the fitted sheet (because he initially fell out on his face several times), there is sometimes a pallet on the floor because yes, we occasionally sleep on his floor.  Those books you see in the game room in the last picture are usually strewn all over his room, and his curtains are always drawn, with an extra blackout shade hung up behind the blinds.  But, it’s fun to pretend this is what it looks like on a daily basis :)


Sweet Simplicity said...

I love the things you have done to his room! The cornice above the curtains, the book slings, the growth chart--it all looks professionally done. I'm impressed!

Kaitlin said...

I love those cornice boxes!! I've got a list of all sorts of house projects for Stephen to get to if he ever finishes grad school & cornices for L's room are at the top of my list :) You are very creative; his room looks great!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Love this! I've been looking into big boy room things for Jamie but everything either seems to teenager or too babyish. This is the perfect in between! And I love the newborn keepsakes....did you use a shadow box??

katie@tulsadetails said...

Ashley!!! You're so talented!!! His room looks amazing! I'm so impressed with all of your projects! I have to outsource anything super creative! Love it!!! :)

Ashley said...

Looks fantastic! I especially like the book slings, cornice, and all of the fabrics and colors. Rooms that look coordinated but not theme-y are my absolute favorite. I love the full disclosure too :)

Aja said...

So cute! Love the hanging book shelves! Hey, just a thought about the curtains- have you thought of switching the panels? If you moved the right one (that doesn't drape well) over to the left side, you really wouldn't see it much behind the chair.. just a thought! Evie's curtains are never open, either. Too many layers of other curtains, blinds, and black fabric taped to the window to bother with. :)

Ashley said...

Book SLINGS? are you kidding- I have never seen those! so cute!
I see you hung the letters- or i guess they SIT now :) The height chart- Adorable. you are so crafty! WE bought black out curtain fabric and PINNED it up all around A's sky light window and the main window- we kept it pinned up for a few weeks before making the plunge to have curtains made out of it...and they didnt do a damn thing- That little early bird STILL woke up super early even in a pitch black room.

Ashley said...

and pallet? what is that?

Meredith said...

Holy cow, woman. His room looks fantastic! I am so impressed with how much of it was done by you (and Lee)! It really looks incredible. The window treatment (both cornice and curtains) and growth chart are my favorites! Please be prepared to never see the words "I made this" on our nursery reveal. It makes me SICK to think how much money we could save if even one of us had a talent with either a sewing machine or a tool belt. Anywho, in case you can't tell, I love it. All of it. :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

His room looks so good! Still slightly babyish but also such a big boy room. I never want to give up the baby look!

Ashley Paige said...

It looks soooo good! I love those 3D pictures and his bedding and that little bed skirt is freaking adorable! And Coop? SO BIG. I can't believe our boys are so big.