June 25, 2012

Weekend Pictures

It’s been so nice not to have any plans the last couple of weekends.  We’ve gotten to relax and just hang around not doing much of anything.

Cooper finally learned how to drive his ATV on his own.  He loves it and it’s hilarious to hear him coming down the hall on that thing.  He’s pretty good at steering, and he has even learned how to get unstuck when he runs into things.  Which is pretty often since he doesn’t watch where he’s going at all.  As evidenced below:


Cooper had his first snow cone on Saturday.  It was blue, haha



Coop got this pool for his birthday and we broke it out for the first time.  Do you think he liked it?


He was still tired after his nap yesterday, so he fell back asleep on me.  This was probably the best 30 minutes of the weekend :)  He also said “choo choo” and “mow” in his sleep, haha.


I feel like I should start posting the projects I work on.  I always have several going at once since I’m ADD.  This is something I’m working on for Cooper’s room.  I wanted to use the farm animals from his birthday.


This stack of cardstock makes me really giddy.  I’m weird.  Also, that’s another project in the background that I have yet to start.  It’s supposed to be a 4th of July wreath, so I should probably get on that…


I think Lee and I have decided that this is the next dog we will get.  A Goldendoodle.  How cute, right?!  They are a great size also.  We probably won’t get another dog for a loooong time, but when we saw this picture, we did think about getting one sooner :)  That’s all we need, another dog.  We can’t even control the two we have now.


I got this box of tissue for work based on the cute design.  When I got to work this morning and opened it, the tissue is PINK!!  Like, bright pink. This picture doesn’t show it’s true brightness.  Colored tissue reminds me of my grandma :)



Lindsey said...

Goldendoodles are tall! We have friends that have 2 and they are like a bull in a china shop. Their bodies, minus head, are as tall as Connor right now (33 inches!) Oh, and their tails hurt when they slap you!

A family friend recently got a Cavapoo. Looks just like the picture above but much smaller. It is a King Cavalier Charles mixed with a poodle.

Just a thought!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I have bought that tissue before and felt like a little old lady every time I used one! I NEED that banana bread recipe. It is soooo good.

Jax said...

Love that pic of Coop in his new pool! So cute! And colored tissue reminds me of my grandma, too! That's funny! :) Cute tissue box!

Love goldendoodles.. so pretty. OUr friends have one and the facebook pics are pretty much precious.

In this wonderful life... said...

Goodendoodles are SOO cute!!

Love his sweet little pictures! That blue tongue, hahaha.

My mom just bought some kleenex with a hologram of a circus on it. they are really stepping it up! haha

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Love his blue tongue! A true sign of a great summer day! :)

Colored tissue makes me think of my grandma too!! She had matching kleenex AND toliet paper for all her bathrooms. I didn't think you could even get it anymore!

brooke knight said...

WE WANT A GOLDENDOODLE TOO! Just what we need, more dogs! hahaha.

Aja said...

Aww, I wish Evie would fall asleep on me every once in a while! So precious. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!