June 14, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts

We have gnats in our house – badly!  And flies.  They are both everywhere!  Gross.  We were going crazy, so I finally just googled how to get rid of gnats.  Several places said to use apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap in it, and we were desperate enough to try it.  It worked!  I guess the gnats are attracted to the vinegar, and when they take a little dip in there, the dish soap creates some kind of film that inhibits their ability to escape the vinegar.  So they drown.  Poor gnats.  Except not.  I will not tell you how many we’ve caught.  And we have to keep putting more dishes of the mixture out because more keep coming in!  Argh!  I don’t know what to do about the flies.  So far Lee just walks around the house on a mission with the fly swatter.  We do leave our back door open a lot because of a certain 2 year old, so I know that’s probably why we have such an issue.

Speaking of that 2 year old, I need to blog about his party!  We had a barnyard party for him last weekend and it was so fun!  He understood everything, and was so excited for it :)  All day he kept saying “happy!” I need to get the pictures from my parents so I can post them.

I have been getting up at 4:30am to run.  I’m on week 3 of doing this, and so far so good!  If I wait until the evening, I know I won’t do it.  I’ll choose to sit on the couch instead.  I really don’t mind (it’s only 30 minutes earlier than I usually get up) but I do wish it was a little bit light out.  I’m a scaredy cat sometimes, but I’ve been fine for the most part.  Except for that morning where a dog almost attacked me.  True story.  I survived.  Clearly.

Some co-workers and I are going to run a marathon relay in November.  Hence the early morning runs.  We each will only have to run about 5 miles, so definitely do-able even though I’ve never run before!  We are doing a 5k or two before the big run in November, so I think I will be more than ready.  I hope :) I’m concerned that one girl will drop out though, and we could do the relay with only 4 people, but one person would have to run 10 miles, and I don’t know that any of us could do that :/

Lee and I have decided to go to Chicago in August for my 30th birthday.  I’m excited!!  Any suggestions on things to do, places to eat, etc. are very welcome!

I have baby fever.  Actually, I have pregnancy fever, if that’s such a thing.  I want to be pregnant.  Who am I?  I was NOT the most pleasant pregnant person.  But nevertheless, that’s how I’ve been feeling for the past month or two.  Even though in December, I swore I would not be ready for another baby or pregnancy for a looong time.  Don’t get excited, it’s not happening for at least another 6 months. If not longer :)

Speaking of being pregnant, Cooper pulled up my shirt the other day, pointed at my stomach, and said “beby”.  I had flashes of women saying their toddler knew they were pregnant before they did, and briefly freaked out.  Only to realize that “beby” is how Cooper pronounces belly.  Whew.

All of this baby talk may or may not be because I really just want to decorate a nursery.  Not sure.  Ha!


Kaitlin said...

I'm so impressed that you are up & running (literally) at 4:30!! Um, could you call me at 5:15 to get me up?? ha. I TRY to be a morning person and love when I actually do get up and work out, but the snooze button is just so tempting. Sad we missed Cooper's party, but I'm sure it was just darling. Can't wait to see the pics!

Aja said...

Holy crap! 4:30?? Yikes. You are dedicated! And I totally feel you on the baby fever. It's bizarre how it attacks you out of nowhere sometimes. :) we really want Togo to Chicago in the fall, too! So fun. I don't know of any specific places, other than Michigan Avenue, where you can just walk to all kinds of stores and restaurants. That's my plan!

Lindsey said...


Giordano's Pizza is a must.

Shop along Michigan Ave. See a game at Wrigley. Nothing better than an afternoon ballgame! Maybe take a tour along Chicago River. I love Chicago!

Ashley said...

OMG, I was about to say- HE IS RIGHT! lol, A friend JUST told me she was pg today and her 4 year old told her a few weeks ago she was pregnant with his sister...still dont know if its a girl but the first part was right! I cant wait to see party pics. IM SUPER JEALOUS you are going to chi. One of my best friends lives there now and another one is moving from Austin to Chi at the end of August so I will NEED to go.

Ashley said...

and that is awesome on the running, but I cant believe you get up that early BY CHOICE! yuck.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I am so impressed with your running! That is great!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the new blog design! YOu are finally showing back up in my blog reader!

Also, dying to see pics from Cooper's party!

You will love, love, love Chicago! Look into going to see The Second City, get hot chocolate at Mindy's Hot Chocolate (you'll thank me), you MUST get Garrett's popcorn, eat at Giordano's. You will just have an awesome time! If you search my blog for Chicago, you will see several trips and what we have done there! Love it!

Jennifer said...

Let me know if you need someone to run in the relay. I'm totally down. can't wait to see pictures. The party was amazing1

jv726 said...

Ha! That is funny that you wrote this post. I can relate to so much of it!
I just started running at 415am and its rough. I dont like that it isnt super light out, but I am trying to be brave. Also, I think pregnancy fever is a real thing. I have it. I loved being pregnant but I am not ready to have a newborn again!
You guys will have so much fun in Chicago!! We love it there. Last time we went, we ate brekafast at Yolk in the South Loop, it was amazing! We are going to NYC in July for my 30th and I can't wait! (Except for the whole leaving the babe for 5 days!)