June 20, 2012

Cooper’s 2nd Birthday: Friends!

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my last post.  I love planning parties, searching for everything, and doing all of the crafts I talked about.  I always have to have some kind of craft to keep me busy while watching tv or whatever in the evening :)

Also, Lee read the post and pointed out that I said *I* made the sign that was in the front yard.  So, my apologies to Lee.  *He* did screw the 2 wood pieces together.  Oh, and he staked it into the ground.  So in man-cabulary I guess that means he made it?  We won’t talk about who stained the wood or wrote out the letters or hung the words from it.  That doesn’t count ;)

Whenever I tell Cooper we are going to school, he will often say “friends!”  He is so social and absolutely loves it when we have visitors, so I knew that he would be so excited to have so many friends over for his birthday.  He had a blast!  My parents and brother were over last weekend and they all complained about how Cooper was too interested in everyone else at the party, that he didn’t even care about them like he usually does.

The only pic of me and the birthday boy :(  Bad hair day for both of us.


I couldn’t have gotten ready for the party without these lovely ladies, my friends Jenny and Sarah.  They came over early and did all the stuff I didn’t want to do helped so much!  I mean, sure they’re eating here while I’m getting food ready, but they really did help ;)


Baby Hudson!!  I have been trying to meet this little man since he was born almost 7 months ago!  In most pictures, I’m holding him.  He is just the sweetest!!


I’m not kidding about Cooper loving babies.  He was not upset at all that I was holding Hudson.  All he cared about was seeing the “beebee”.  He came over and held Hudson’s hand for a good while :)


…and then he headed over to baby Logan :)


My friend Sarah’s husband (and baby Hudson’s daddy), Joey played with Cooper so much that day.  In fact, when I looked at all of these pictures, I laughed and texted Sarah that in pretty much every picture, I’m holding Hudson and Joey is playing with Cooper.

DSC00162 DSC00166

Cooper with Landen and Maddox.  Love these sweet boys.  We just needed their 4th musketeer, Parker in this and it would have been perfect!


Oh look, I’m still holding Hudson!  I love this picture of him.


Sweetest little birthday boy

DSC00175 DSC00178 DSC00181 DSC00186

Lee’s childhood best friend and his family made a 3 hour drive with their 1 year old to come to the party and surprise us!  It was a great surprise.

DSC00192 DSC00194

Cooper playing with his cousin Cailee.  I wish we had a better picture of them together.  They are so cute when they get together.  They usually hold hands :)


Sweet little Maddox.  I just love him!


Cooper’s Uncle Mike and cousin Cailee.


The only decent picture of my brother and dad.  They thought they were real funny in all of the other ones.


We didn’t really open gifts during the party, but both my brother and my brother in law were very excited about theirs so we opened them.

My BIL restored this John Deer play tractor that was Lee’s and his sister’s when they were little!  They even brought old pictures of Lee and his sister playing on it.  It was a big hit with all the little boys.


Everyone had to take a turn riding in the little wagon part.


Poor Lee, he had to drag it around in the heat because none of the boys’ feet could reach the pedals.  Not that it mattered, because the tractor is super heavy, I doubt they could have pedaled it anyway.


This went on for the rest of the party.  A few of the other dads took turns pulling it for the kids.


Oh, and we can’t forget my brother’s gift, this little ATV.  Cooper loves it!!  And Lee doesn’t have to push it, so bonus!


That’s it for the party recaps!  Now I have nothing to do in the evenings.  It’s kind of depressing.  Maybe I should plan his third birthday? Kidding.  Kinda :)


jv726 said...

Everything for Cooper's birthday was so cute! I love it :) I am not crafty and I am too lazy most of the time to even try and be crafty, but posts like this make me want to try a little ;)
Happy Anniversary by the way :)

Ashley said...

HA. I know- I feel like I have so much time on my hands this week.
I love the tractor and all the pics. Your home is so beautiful!

katie@tulsadetails said...

I'm so sad I couldn't make it!! It looks like everyone had a blast! I could also go for one of your cookie favors right about now ;)