July 20, 2011


I started my new job this week.  Love.It. LOOOOVE.  I’m trying to refrain from talking about how much I love it on Twitter because I don’t want to be annoying.

Cooper is on a waiting list for daycare.  I am relieved that we finally took tours and made a decision.  We didn’t have a HUGE array of choices, since he’s only going part time, but we did really like the places that we toured.  The waiting list is 15-20 kids though.  And they couldn’t give us any idea of how long it would be…she did say that several are siblings, so they have to be able to get in at the same time, so we’d probably be in ahead of them.  AND since he is only part time, that could be beneficial OR not, so we will see how it goes.  In the meantime, he is in MDO.  The month of August, however, he will not be in anything, so we are trying to get Lee’s mom to stay with us a few days a week for a couple of different weeks to help take the load off my dad.  He has reached his limit.  Unfortunately.

I need to do a real blog update.  With PHOTOS!  I know posts are always more fun with photos, but I have to do those from home, and I just haven’t made the time to blog in a while.

I am at a weird point with weight loss.  I don’t think I’ve blogged about this, but I’ve lost just over 30ish lbs since February.  That was the remainder of the baby weight plus about 10 lbs under my wedding weight (which was the heaviest I’d ever been).  I still have about 15ish lbs that I would LIKE to lose, but I just don’t know if that will happen right now.  I’m at a point where I feel good in clothes again.  No, I am not super thin, which I will fully admit is where I want to be.  But, I have not lost weight in about 6 weeks.  And I know that is because I haven’t really been trying.  But, I don’t really feel like busting my butt to lose the weight, which is what would have to happen.  Not that I’m lazy, but by the time I DID lose the weight, we’d want to get pregnant again, so it’s kind of like, what’s the point?  If I were to lose the weight, I would have to work (hard) to maintain it as it is, let alone being pregnant.  (Not that I am going to go off the deep end when I do get pregnant again.  Last time I gain 50 lbs.  I won’t let myself do that again.  It was wholly unnecessary, and only happened because I ate any- and everything!)  The point is, that I feel good with where I am right now.  And, I love food.  Love love love it.  So, yes, losing weight is hard for me.  Weight Watchers (what I’ve been doing) is hard for me.  There are times that I don’t mind it, but honestly, it is very hard for me to eat that little (in my opinion, for me, the amount of food you’re allowed, it is very little) Yes, it works.  Yes, I do like the plan.  And yes, even if I’m not on a quest to aggressively lose weight at this point, I will maintain my membership and make better food choices.  But, right now, no, I don’t think I’m going to pressure myself to continue the weight loss.  This could be an entire (long) post just on its own…

And so there, I think I just talked myself into not trying to push myself anymore, right now, on losing weight.  I’m going to try the maintenance route right now.  So, thanks for the therapy session :) 

And thanks for accepting my disorganized thoughts and horrible sentence structure on that little talk I had with myself.

Getting used to my new work schedule + commute + actually dropping the baby off with my dad in the mornings is taking some getting used to.  And, I have learned my lesson and will never again forget something at the grocery store on the weekends.  I had to pick up ONE thing I forgot after work on Monday, and it was terrible.  Horrible traffic, and had to go way out of my way on a super busy highway.  I was no bueno to be around when I got home that night.

But, I am good with my new work schedule.  Because?  I love my new job! Did I mention that?


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

You look really great, and I don't see that you need to lose any more weight ;) I know that feeling, though. And being a fellow WW'er...I know, it *is* a little amount of food, especially when you have the minimum 29 pts a day. It can be rough. I'm sticking it out until I at least lose another 6lbs....*ihopeihopeihope*....and we'll see how that goes. I've been totally stuck for a while now...like 4'ish weeks. So annoying.

So glad you love your job!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

30 pounds? that is awesome!! And, I am happy you are happy with where you are at :) Wait- did you say you were the heaviest at your wedding day weight? Or did i read that wrong?
Im also excited that you love your new job!!!

Jax said...

I am so freaking happy about your job, friend! And I have to reiterate... you look freaking fantastic and I'm so proud of you!

jv726 said...

Yay! I am glad you love your new job! That is awesome. And awesome job on losing 30lbs! That's great. I am one pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight...and then I want to lose another 37lbs, its daunting. But I love WW and thank goodness I am nursing b/c 29 points just does NOT seem like enough points. (I get 43 points a day b/c I am nursing...its awesome!)
This might sound creepy (which I do not mean it too)...but you looked great when I met you in Jamaica 2 years ago, so I bet you look awesome if you are 10 lbs under that!
Congrats again on the new job, new house, and weight loss! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm so glad you are loving your new job!! And yay for finding a day care!

I'm right there with you on the weight loss. It's just stalled. I feel like I'm really going to have to bust it to lose the rest and meh, I don't want to!!

Meredith said...

What a great post! Congrats on the weight loss and HOORAY for the new job!! You should be very, very proud of yourself. :)