August 8, 2011

14 Months

Dear Cooper,

Today you turned 14 months old.  I was going to cut back on these posts after your birthday, and only write every three months, but you are just doing so much these days that I just had to write it all down.

IMG_1343 14 month pic

Let’s see…I guess we should start where we left off, at 12 months.

About a week after your birthday, you started walking!  I stood you on the ground and you walked all the way across Poppa and Grandma’s living room!  We were in shock!  And you haven’t slowed down since.  You now love to run, well, your version of running!  You love to be chased by daddy or me, and you especially love to chase the dogs.  They aren’t fans, surprisingly :)

You also love when your dad lets you sit on his back while he crawls on the floor.  This gets HUGE belly laughs from you.  You just think it is hilarious!  We started brushing your teeth about a month ago, and although we were unsure as to how you would like it, we were pleasantly surprised that you LOVE brushing your teeth.  You smile the whole time.  I think you mostly love the flavored toothpaste.

Recently, you have really started picking up on everything.  It’s amazing to realize that you suddenly know something.  You know where your toes, ears, and mouth are.  When we ask you if you want to brush your teeth, you point to your tongue.  When we get ready to go somewhere, I’ll say “Okay Buddy, let’s go bye bye”, and you will stop anything you’re doing, and walk to the garage door!  If we ask if you’re ready for a bathtub or night night, you will walk over to the stairs and pull on the gate.  If we say “shoes”, you point to your feet!  You are so smart! :)


You have been sleeping in much later than you used to!  We are LOVING this!  You now go to bed around 7pm (although I do think you would stay up later if we let you) and sleep until anywhere from 7:30-8:30 the next morning!  Soooo much better than the old days of 5 am wake ups every morning!  I do feel badly that we have to wake you up at 6:30 on weekdays though.  And, I have to admit, weekends are not nearly as productive, haha.

You are still quite the picky eater.  One day you will love something, and the next day you will hate it.  You still throw your food on the floor all the time, whether you like it or not.  Luckily you love pretty much all fruits and veggies.  I believe strawberries are your favorite right now, you could eat your weight in them!  You also love “smoothies” which is really just milk+yogurt.  You get one of those most mornings on the way to Poppa’s house.  I can’t believe I let you have it in the car.  But so far, no issues so we’ll continue that.

You drank out of a straw for the first time a few weeks ago, and you thought that was so fun, haha :) You also love to drink straight out of cups like we do.  We also went out to eat a few weeks ago, which is something that we very rarely do.  You were not in the best mood, and you aren’t used to eating out, so we were prepared to have to leave, but you did so well!  You loved the attention from everyone in the restaurant, and you hammed it up, showing your big cheesy grin to anyone who talked to you.  It was a relief to know that if we wanted to go out to eat with you more often, we could.  We just don’t eat out much in general.


You still aren’t really talking yet.  You say “Dah” for dog, and when asked “What does the dog say?”, you will usually say “woof”, which is pretty much the most adorable thing.  And actually it sounds more like “woosh”, but you know what you’re saying :)  You say Dada (sometimes said “ahda”), and I thinkyou know who that is.  You are just now starting to sort of, sometimes, say Mama.  Usually you will say it, then I will say “Mama?” and you will say “ahda!”, which is Dada, so that’s awesome.  Poor Mama. ;)

You are very opinionated.  You don’t like to be told no, but who does?  We had a couple of rough weeks/months adjusting to this new side of your personality, because before, you were so easy going, and really never threw a fit.  But now we are pretty used to you having an opinion about what you want to do.  You are still pretty easy going, most of the time.  But, you are also learning to throw a pretty good temper tantrum.  Honestly, I can’t help but laugh when you get so mad that you throw yourself on the ground and cry.  It’s a pretty dramatic reaction to being told “no” to eating dog food or touching the hot stove.  But, it’s also a pretty good sign that you’ve inherited some of your Mama’s personality :)

You were a little sick a week or so ago, so we took you to the doctor.  When they weighed you, you were almost 2 pounds heavier than you were at your 12 month appointment!  I wasn’t really surprised, you had seemed like you were heavier to pick up.  You are wearing 12-18 month clothes, a size 4 diaper, and a size 5 shoe.  Your hair is getting thick and it grows so fast!  You had it cut 2 months ago, and you are already overdue for another trim.  It’s also getting very wavy on top and curly in the back.  We have to wet it down every morning and comb it.


You have 6 full teeth right now.  Two on top, and 4 on bottom.  Your other top two, on either side of the middle, are poking through, and I think that you are starting to get your one year molars.  I thought I’d be sad for you to lose your gummy smile, but I love seeing those little teeth when you smile or laugh, they are adorable!

Basically, you’re the best little boy ever.  Your daddy and I love you to piece and we can’t imagine what we ever did without you.  Happy 14 months, Coopie!



Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Yay! Glad you're still doing these posts! I'm torn on what to do after Jamie's BIG bday tomorrow, but I'm thinking I will stick with it. Maybe every other month!

Sounds like C has been a busy boy! He's getting so tall!

katie@tulsadetails said...

He is so cute! Love seeing glimpses of the new house too!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

awww, look at him cleaning the floor!! Such a cutie and so smart knowing what you are talking about all the time. Anika loves going out to eat too...and I assumed it was because of all the people and things to look at..oh, and the attention :) We go out to eat too much hahah.

Kaitlin said...

He is getting so big! Love him on the Rody- Leighton finally warmed up to her "harse" this month :) And, your kitchen sure looks pretty from the pics - hope you guys are enjoying it!

Brown Girl said...

Wow, he is getting big! Send him over to clean my house! ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Umm who is the FIVE year old in the pictures?!?!? He's too big!!!