July 11, 2011

First Project

The biggest thing that needed to be done at the house was a fence.  As I’ve mentioned, all the houses here have smaller yards, so there wasn’t much privacy in the backyard.  And, the neighbors behind us didn’t have blinds, so we would see right into their house.  That was weird. (It was even weirder the first couple of days we lived here, when WE didn’t have blinds either.  We quickly went out and got some!)

And, we have 2 dogs who are used to running free in a big yard.  They weren’t too keen on only being able to go outside with a leash on.  They hated it actually!  It was so unlike them to not even want to go outside at all.  They would run from us when we got their leashes out!

We checked around some and determined to build it ourselves.  (And by “ourselves”, I mean Lee, my dad, my brother, and my fabulous friend’s fabulous husband.  Ashley is nowhere in that “our”.  I did take Lee water 398723501735 times though, and I got a sunburn, so I think I did my part)

I was SO IMPRESSED with these men!!  Seriously, they knocked that fence out in no time, and in extremely hot temperatures.  It was over 100* both days.  They worked from about 5am-3pm on Saturday, and 8am-3pm on Saturday.  They built the back and one side (one of our neighbors already had one side built) and two gates. 

We owe these people.  BIG time.

The west side.  By the time I woke up at 7am, they already had all of the post holes dug and had set most of the posts.IMG_1283Across the back (south side).  See how close our neighbors are?  Not to mention that HUGE liability of an open coy pond that Cooper could just fall right in to at any time.IMG_1284IMG_1285IMG_1291IMG_1286IMG_1289The west side around 11am.  Already putting the pickets up!IMG_1292West side finished!IMG_1297Getting started on the south sideIMG_1294This was how much they had done by the end of day one!  I was so surprised it was almost finished!IMG_1299All finished!!  Isabelle and Zoe were SO excited!  Haha :)  (that weird line of dead grass is where they buried our cable line the week before)IMG_1302IMG_1304IMG_1305They even did gates on both sides of the house.  These are what they worked on the second day, along with completing the second half of the south side.IMG_1303Gate #2IMG_1306

We are forever indebted to the guys that helped us.  It was so much work, and it was SO.HOT. outside.  We are so grateful for all of their help!

I know it’s just a fence, but it makes us feel so much more at home here.  The dogs can run around and hang out with us when we hang out back there.  We didn’t have a really useable patio, let alone a covered patio, at the old house, so we are really enjoying it here!

I have big plans for the little outdoor space we have here :) They are probably like 5-10 year plans, but they are already formulating in my mind.  Much to Lee’s excitement! :)


jv726 said...

The fence looks great! Good to hear that you are enjoying the new house :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

Fence building is hard work! I can't believe they did it all in this heat.

Kaitlin said...

SO impressed that Lee and friends/family did this themselves! It looks great!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahah- your big plans mean big work for him? SO the coy pond is theirs, not yours, right? That fence is awesome and I cant believe it went up so fast.
When we grab a leash the dog goes CRAZY and wont leave us a lone because she thinks she is going for a walk. We need an electric fence for our yard.

Jax said...

Way to go! I am so impressed with these guys!!! It looks go good!

Jennifer said...

I am happy to loan my husband out anytime. I know they worked really hard but I think Jeff had a good time doing it as well!