April 13, 2011

10 Months

Dear Cooper, On April 8, you turned 10 months old. Only 2 months until your first birthday *sob!* This month, I have to say, you have started transitioning from the sweet, innocent little baby into a very curious, into everything, almost-toddler. Your personality develops more every single day, and you’re turning into quite the little stinker :) But that’s okay, because you are the cutest little stinker ever. And, secretly, your dad and I think you are so smart when you get into everything you can, haha. I mean, look at this face. *that's a paint roller he's holding! not a certain feminine product that it might resemble :)*You got your first tooth this month! It just popped through your gums a week ago, and I’m pretty sure that the second one is on its way, too. And, although you’ve been a little crankier that usual, I’d say that you have handled this teething thing so much better than I expected. If you ever did wake up during the night in pain, all it took was a little cuddling and rocking and you calmed right down. And, I won’t complain about any middle of the night rocking and cuddling with you, being that you have always been the best sleeper (for which we are ever so grateful) :) My favorite thing that you started doing this month is trying to peek at the next page when we are reading a book. You’ve learned that when we turn the page, a new picture comes up, and while I’m reading one page, you tilt your head over to the right and peek to see what’s coming next. I laugh every time. You’ve also started trying to turn the pages yourself, but usually you just end up flipping the book shut. I love reading with you. Lately you’ve also started turning your head to look back up at me and smile while we are reading. So sweet! You are very vocal! You love to stand and lean onto the couch or coffee table and just holler and squeal and scream, at the very top of your lungs. So funny. You have no desire to say actual words, though. Nope. We have tried to get you to say Dada, Mama, pup pup, and ball, to no avail. You usually just stop making noise and look at us like we’re crazy. Let’s talk about why I said you’re becoming a stinker. Baby boy, there are oh so many reasons! For one, you absolutely hate to lie on your back and allow us to change your diaper or dress/undress you. This is especially not fun because of the, ahem, teething diapers you have been producing lately. We have narrowly missed some horrible situations there, Bud. While it is a little frustrating and annoying to us, it’s probably quite comical for anyone to see how your dad and I have mastered changing your diaper, and well as dressing/undressing you while you are standing (which is ALL you want to do these day). For another, me getting ready with you in the room is almost impossible. I get ready on the floor in our bedroom, and you usually hang out next to me. When you were very little, you’d just lay on your playmat, then for several months, you’d just sit and play with toys. You have (much to your dad’s dismay) always been very interested in watching me do my hair and makeup. You sit silent and still and just stare when I blowdry my hair. And, now that you are very aware of my makeup bag, you refuse to stay out of it. No matter what I try to do, you will crawl over anything to get to the makeup bag. I have finally accepted this and just let you have it in the mornings. Yes, you dump every last thing out of it. Yes, you put each item in your mouth. Yes, you have lost one of my eyeshadows. But you love it. And more importantly, you insist upon it! So you play in my makeup every morning. And you giggle when I put blush on you. (Please don’t tell your dad about that one…) Your favorite item? My eyelash curler. Hmm, another reason? You’re ability to spot anything off limits and immediately make a beeline for it. The dog bowls? No problem. Electrical outlets? You don’t mind if you do. Zoe’s ball? Sure, you’ll take that, and stick it right in your mouth for good measure. Any sort of cord? How could you live without one as a toy? The word “no” has come to live at our house for a while. Like, maybe 18 years? You are now able to pull yourself into a standing position. I knew that you could pull yourself to your knees, but I was shocked when you were “helping” me put away dishes, and you pulled yourself right up on the dishwasher. As sad as milestones make me, because you are no longer such a baby, I am always so proud of you when you reach one. And this one really helps you do your favorite activity, standing at anything. Coffee table, fireplace hearth, couch, you love to stand! Eating. Do we even need to talk about this? You eat anything and everything. You holler for food the second you’re seated in your highchair. You’ve mastered the pincer grasp and proudly show off how fast you can pick up food and shovel it in. I got over my fear of you choking and you’ve had lots of table foods. You love love green beans. I mean love. Also a favorite? Yogurt. Lord boy, you scream with delight when you eat it and we can’t get it in there fast enough! You also had pancakes and cinnamon raisin bagels this month. Huge hits! You also hold your own bottle most of the time these days. You're so funny when you see your bottle or food, you spit out your pacifier and it goes flying! You've learned how to pop that thing right out. You are just the sweetest little boy and we love you to pieces!



KLaw said...

What a sweet post. he's so adorable!

Kaitlin said...

He's so cute! I love that he gets into your make up bag every morning- sometimes you just have to let them have it (aka, Leighton with our cell phones)!

Lindsey said...

Aren't boys just so much fun!! I never imagined how active and full of personality they would be. Oh, and the page turning? Right up Connor's alley. I find him with is books for 20 min. just flipping through them.

Annie said...

what a little cutie!!! and that last picture of you and him is adorable!! :)
when my nephew lived with me he was around coop's age and he loved getting into all my makeup! ha!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

He is so, so cute!!! That picture of him laying on the floor in the green shirt makes him look like a little boy!!!! Too old!!

10 months was my favorite age so far. Enjoy it Mama!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Such a little man!! Glad to hear how well he handled that teething. What a strong little guy :)