February 28, 2011

Things I learned this weekend

Last week, I was sick (still am), and this weekend we went to Dallas for a wedding.  Here are a few things I learned:

-          When you feel like crap (and are never sick) and your doctor says “I’m sorry you’re sick, but there’s nothing I can do.  If it’s not better in a week, call and we’ll give you an antibiotic”, just go ahead and demand an antibiotic right then.  Especially if you have to attend wedding festivities over the coming weekend.

-          I could totally live in Dallas.  For sure.

-          It is, in fact, impossible to tire of talking about your child.  Impossible.

-          Weddings do not have to be super expensive to be fun.  Or expensive at all.

-          Just because Target carries super cute knock offs of many of your favorite expensive pairs of shoes, doesn’t mean that you’re getting a bargain.  In fact, the heel might break on those Target shoes within 2 hours of wearing them and ruin your evening, causing you to not mingle with fun people and leave too early.

-          When you leave your 8 month old for 2.5 days, they will look like a full blown toddler by the time you see them again.  And you might almost cry when you first see them, because they just look so darn big.

-          Twitter friends are awesome, especially when you’re getting ready for an event alone J They helped me decide what to wear!

-          If you expect people to drink a lot, and go out afterwards to continue drinking, then you should probably offer an actual dinner at the rehearsal dinner. Heavy hors de oeuvres don’t count.

-          9 times out of 10, your instincts are better than Google maps.  I am a navigational rockstar.

-          All mamas have an immediate bond.  New mamas especially.

-          When only one spouse is drunk, the other will most certainly be annoyed at the drunken antics of the other.

-          If you chat with a friend who has a baby, you should ask about the baby and/or gush over how cute the baby is.  Or the mama might be bitter and wonder why didn’t you ask about my baby?! J

-          You Tube is a helpful hair styling teacher.

-          It is quite possibly part of the divine plan for me to be this size/weight right now.  Otherwise, I would be thousands of dollars in debt after shopping this weekend.

-          Your child WILL reach a milestone if you leave them for the weekend.  They will probably start saying DaDa the day you leave.

-          And then they will not say DaDa at all when you come home, just to spite you.

-          There is no better pairing than 70 degree weather and outdoor shopping.  Unless you add mimosas.


Suzanne said...

The comment about only one spouse being drunk is so true! Oh, and totally off topic, but Jackie said you were a big fan of Gap Maternity. Any suggestions? I think I'm a few weeks away from making my first investment...

jv726 said...

I have to 100% agree w/ you about the spouse being drunk and annoying you. Happens frequently to me :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

How far is Dallas from you? Driving distance?
I need to follow you on Twitter, even though I sign onto Twitter like once a month- I really need to get into it and figure it out!
How is that darling baby of yours?? Haha
It sounds like a really fun weekend! I used to always be the drunk spouse- but obviously not lately :)

brooke knight said...

Love it. All around.