February 16, 2011

It's all good

Today I got in my car after work and it said the outside temperature was 75! I think the low one week ago was -12 or something, crazy. I have to admit that I was a little giddy this afternoon due to the sunshine :)

And, Survivor is starting tonight, which for some reason always reminds me of springtime :)

I started working out again this week, and I think has been a big factor in the ridiculously good mood I've been in. I forgot how much I love to work out. It's been kind of hard to work it out with Lee, so that he can be with Cooper, but this week's going well so far, yay! And I've stayed on my diet too, so that always helps :)

And to go along with my ridiculously good mood, we got some...I will say interesting, news at work today. I personally think it's good news, and I'm excited to see what unfolds this year. Work has actually been going well the past week or so. And instead of dreading the next several months (lots of projects to be done), I'm actually looking forward to them. Yes, I'm so bi-polar about work. Whatever.

Um, a man is wearing briefs (aka, man panties) on Survivor. It gets better, they're reddish/pink! Wth? Bahaha! Sorry, I got distracted by them...

I also recently found out that one of my best friends will be moving closer to me very soon! I'm so excited, I don't see her nearly enough and I've been waiting for her to move back this way! She will be within driving distance :) Most of my close friends from college live far away from us, so it will be so nice to have her closer!

We have also been able to start making some progress on fixing up the house. We have had some issues due to the weather for a couple of weeks, and I'm SO happy that we're finally getting the ball rolling on major projects.

AND, we have found some Mother's Day Out programs for Cooper! I never thought it would be so hard to find something that met our criteria. He will be going to one place twice a week over the summer, and then 3 times a week somewhere else during the school year. My dad will still be watching him the rest of the time, including before and after "school". I think he will really enjoy some time to himself during his retirement, haha. Although, when I told him Coop was going 3 days next year, my dad said "THREE?!" because he had only requested 2 days, lol. I thought he'd be happy with an extra day to himself, but apparently not :)

And if anything belongs in a post entitled "it's all good", it's Cooper's new laugh. It started out as a fake cough, but has evolved into this ridiculous (and yes, sometimes annoying) laugh. Please enjoy :)


Sarah said...

Ahhhh....he is so stinkin' cute!!!! : ) Yay for everything being all good!

Lindsey said...

I got giddy this afternoon too since it was so pretty out! AND I was listening to the new cd my hubby got me, Florence and the Machine: Dog Days are Over! Now that will get you cheery!! Glad you had a great day, hope it continues to be a great week!!

jv726 said...

I'm officially jealous of the weather you have! I thought it was pretty good up here with a high of 45*...:)
Cooper's laugh is adorable! I also love the fake cough that babies do!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Aww, I dont have sound on this computer, but I will NEED to watch this later!! It looks so cute!
Yey for working out and feeling good :)

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

haha I'm cracking up! that is too cute! Yay for finding a MDO program. I bet your dad will have coop withdrawals :)