February 13, 2011

Our Weekend

Finally some sunshine and temperatures above freezing! The 20 inches of snow that we'd gotten over the past couple of weeks seems to finally be melting. I am so ready to return to normal life; although I am slightly bummed that I will have to work 5 days in a row without a snow day :) Slightly.

We spent most of the weekend in house selling/hunting mode.

We painted the bathroom, including the ceiling. Unfortunately the ceiling was peeling and chipping badly (I have to say that the word "badly" now reminds me of the Bachelor "I've missed you...badly -said to cray-cray Michelle when she sneaked over to his room; You're scaring me...badly - said to sweet Emily after she said she sabotages relationships; sorry for the sidenote) in some places, so we (Lee) had to sand it down in some spots, which of course turned into whole pieces of the ceiling coming down. We were able to patch it though, and after a new coat of paint, it looks okay. Who looks at the ceiling anyway when house hunting? Lee did the majority of the ceiling work, since it was much easier for him to just reach up and paint, as opposed to my ladder-climbing, then being too close and bending backwards to try and paint.

I painted the walls, entirely with a paintbrush instead of using a roller, because of how choppy the walls are. That was fun. My hand is still cramped! I'm so glad that is finished though; it's been on the back burner for over a year, as you could tell by the four different paint colors that had been up in there for that long. We are having the tub and sink re-glazed in a couple of weeks, I'm really excited for that, it should make a big difference :)

We also drove around today in some neighborhoods that we've found some houses in online. That turned out to be productive because we scratched about 3 of the 7ish neighborhoods off the list. Disappointing yes, especially because we had become obsessed with a house in one of those neighborhoods, but better to do it now than later.

Cooper developed a new fake cough on Saturday. He has been cracking himself up with it all weekend! I caught some video of it today that I might try to post this week. And, his walker that I ordered last week came today! He had fun trying it out, and is already a pro at going backwards :)

And now Lee and I are watching the Grammy's, trying to figure out what the hey Lady Gaga is wearing.....


Lindsey said...

I will now look at ceilings in every house. After Adam bought his house, we (meaning I) got to paint all of the ceilings. Popcorn ceilings are the devil!

Sweet Simplicity said...

My hand cramps so easily. I may just be a baby. I bet Coop's fake cough is adorable!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I only look at ceilings when I am laying down :) AND, his fake cough- You have to post a video! hahaah

Jax said...

Hooray for the painting (and getting water back). :) And um... Gaga showing up in an egg...I didnt get it. She scares me. But, I'm still excited for the concert. I'll be more excited if we somehow land free tickets and can sell ours...but still.