January 28, 2011

The good, the bad, and everything in between

I have lots of things on my mind today that I could write about.  We’ll just see how this goes.  I’ll try not to be all over the place, or talk (write?) too much.



Ahh, yes.  The ever-annoying work discussion from me to you.  I’m sorry, I really do apologize for complaining about work all the time.  Several months ago, I decided to learn more about an exciting opportunity.  Essentially, I’d be opening an insurance agency.  With a really awesome company to back me up and help me out a lot.  Seriously, it’s a great opportunity.  But also a risky one.  I really wanted to do it and I thought that I would be good at it, but it required a few things (time, financial sacrifices) that I just wasn’t SURE about.  I prayed that I would make the right decision about whether or not to do this.  And then I started having second thoughts.  Like major second thoughts.  And then we had some things happen in our neighborhood and it suddenly became much more important for us to move than for me to embark on a risky business endeavor that may or may not be successful.  So, for now, that is on the back burner.  I still would love to be able to look into that again, just in the future.  So then I started looking at ANYTHING and really there’s not much available.  It sucks because there are a lot of things that I COULD do, but not really one thing that I want to do.  And now, after a talk with our realtor, I’m not really looking until we are in a new house.  Unless something pops up within the company I currently work for.  It’s a big company, and that’s a possibility, one I’ve been hoping for since I started this job.  Literally.  That’s how they got me to take this job.  I turned it down twice, then they said that after a year, I could move to any other department in the company.  And I was so desperate to get out of working heinous hours that I took it.  You’d think that since they were so desperate to get me that they wouldn’t treat me like complete crap.  But you’d be wrong.  Most days, I handle it, but today I have a terrible attitude.  I need to snap out of it.



We’re moving!!  We’re moving!!  Well, not yet, but hopefully by Spring/Summer!  I don’t think it’s been a secret that we would like to move in the next few years.  We’ve just kept putting it off because of this or that.  Mostly because I’m nervous about our house selling.  Well, we’ve been getting closer and closer to just doing it, and then earlier this month, there was an…incident, in our neighborhood that put me over the edge.  One night about 10:30 I woke up to the sound of a helicopter above our house.  It didn’t go away for an hour and a half.  A friend who lives in the neighborhood called me and through her husband’s police scanner, I think, informed me that there had been an attempted home invasion and 3 armed men were running through our neighborhood.  What.the.eff.  So for that hour and a half I sat awake freaking out that they were hiding out on my front porch or something.  I mean, I was freaking.  Things like this happen in our neighborhood, which is NOT in a bad area of town, fairly regularly these days.  There were at least 3 homicides last year IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  The incident this particular night happened ONE BLOCK from my friend.  We could deal with it when it first started, but not now.  Not when we have a baby to keep safe.  It’s just not okay with me anymore.  And we don’t HAVE to live there.  So we aren’t going to.  It just so happened that this happened the same week that I was getting uneasy about that risky job opportunity AND the same week I found (what I thought was) our dream house online, in our most desired neighborhood.  I’m pretty sure that if my life was a cartoon, there would be a giant yellow arrow pointing to MOVE! NOW! It just so happens that we went to look at that house, and several others, last weekend, and turns out we HATED the inside!  Haha, who would’ve thought.  Anyway, so that’s a big no.  But, the plan is to put our house on the market in March.  Hopefully everything works out timing-wise with selling/finding another one.  I’m nervous but trying to believe that it will work out.  But, aside from all the nervousness/worry……YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!  New house!!!! J



Nothing exciting.  Except that he’s cute and the cuddliest love bug.  And he’s started shaking his head side to side, like he’s saying “NO”, but he does it at things he likes (laying on his changing table-seriously, why is that SO fun for them?!) as well as things he doesn’t like (getting buckled into his car seat), so who knows what he’s doing.  It’s funny J


Kaitlin said...

Seriously, what IS with the rash of crimes lately?? We've been getting our neighborhood assoc. updates and there's some very scary stuff happening- everywhere (in the SUPER $$$ neighborhoods nearby too). Amazing how you worry so much more when there's a baby in the house. Glad that it sounds like things are all coming together for you: Yay for new houses and new job prospects in 2011!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Good luck with all the house stuff!

katie@tulsadetails said...

You do have an exciting few months ahead of you! I hope everything works our perfectly. If you do start looking for jobs again, I found the site indeed.com super helpful during my job search.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

SO, this is explains why you wanted to move Cooper's room!! AND, I would be WAYY more scared to be home alone if there were HOMICIDES near me! GEEZUS Girl..SO glad you are looking for a new home! :) I can't wait to see what you find :) So exciting!