January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

We woke up very happy on Christmas Eve!
{I know this is SUPER blurry and his eyes are shut but it's still so cute :) His eyes kept shutting because of the flash and he had JUST woken up, poor guy! His room was actually pitch black when I took these}

In the afternoon, we made snickerdoodles for Santa, he specially requested them ;)
{This was his first time to see the mixer at work and he was startled and just kept staring at it like WHAT ARE YOU?! Haha}

And then we started our new tradition of openning a (Christmas pajama) gift on Christmas Eve
{This was his first gift to ever open}

Taking off the ribbon

Wondering "Now how can I get this paper in my mouth?"
Daddy helping open the box

"Mom, these are CLOTHES?! We aren't supposed to get CLOTHES for presents!"

My parents came over for our new tradition of Christmas Eve dinner. I made Chicken Parmesan, and Cooper decided (once again) that his bedtime was for the birds and he needed to socialize.
Did I talk about new traditions too much? I didn't intend to be all THESE ARE OUR NEW TRADITIONS, but that's what happened.

Anyway, Christmas Eve was fun this year and I hope to continue some of the traditions we started :)
Stay tuned for Christmas Day!


Sweet Simplicity said...

Aw, he is so cute! I love all the new traditions y'all are starting with Cooper.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I cant get over how big he is! I love that picture of him in his crib all happy!! So cute! And, He looks like he is doing a pretty good job with that present! He seems to know exactly what to do : )

Kaitlin said...

We do the pjs on Christmas Eve too! That picture of him by the mixer is hysterical. He has gotten so big, such a cutie!

katie@tulsadetails said...

He was so smart to ask for snickerdoodles on Christmas. I wish I could pull that off. He is adorable!

katandkarl said...

love the christmas pjs - we might have to start that!