July 20, 2010


Because I can't seem to focus, here's a random list of things going on lately with us:
  • Ever since Cooper was born, I canNOT remember things. Seriously, I'll be walking to do something, and on my way I'll forget what I was going to do! I'll be in the middle of a sentence and completely forget what I was going to say. It's so weird, and frustrating!
  • Our neighbors moved last weekend!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how happy this made us! Last night we said how Friday (the day we knew for sure) was probably the best day of our lives next to the birth of our son. In case you don't know the story, they had 3 jack russell terriers that they would let bark for HOURS. And they would let them do it at all hours, including at 3am. And they would bark right outside our bedroom window and wake us up. After the baby was born, Lee went over to ask if they could keep it down because of the baby sleeping in our room, etc. Well the woman was a huge b and said that they could do whatever they want in their yard, and that she was sure that his (Lee's) wife made him go talk to them and that he needed to grow some balls. No joke. Then her boyfriend (she is in her mid-late 30's, and he's about 10 years older I'd say, so old enough to be adults) said that he was going to come over and kick Lee's ass! Haha, over the dogs barking! It was ridiculous. Then Lee came in and she started barking like a dog in her backyard!! I am dead serious. And THEN she went over to our bedroom window and started screaming at the top of her lungs for her dogs to come and bark. It was bizarre. It shook me up because they seem crazy and who knows what they would do after all that. So thank GOD they moved! It is so nice and peaceful around here now. Sorry that was long.
  • We've had a few rough weeks with Coop. It seems like he's just never happy. I finally came to the conclusion that I think my milk supply is low and he just hasn't been getting enough to eat. I think it happened when I tried to get him on a little bit of a schedule. He had been eating REALLY often, like every hour to hour and a half and it was draining on me. Anyway, I've started pumping (which make me feel like a cow) and feeding him more often so hopefully that will help. We gave him a bottle for the first time last week and he totally downed 4 oz. in no time, and that was after he nursed for like 30 minutes. The kid can eat! When I pump I only get like 2ish oz so I'm pretty sure that's the problem. (He took the bottle like a champ! I was worried because he doesn't like pacifiers)
  • I found curtains for the house! Yay the one thing I had to get done while on maternity leave! I found them on Overstock, but we're going to wait to get them since I'm not working. I'm REAL excited about it!
  • I never knew how exciting fans, lights, and ceilings were until I had a baby. Apparently they are the most fascinating things to look at ever!
  • I have my 6 week visit to the dr tomorrow. I am SO ready for him to tell me I can start working out. I feel gross. I gained SO MUCH weight during pregnancy. And I was already like 15 lbs. more than I wanted to be :(
  • We think Cooper smiled last night. And this morning :)
He is 6 weeks old today! This is not a smile but it's still cute :) I wish I was this happy at 6am!


Kaitlin said...

Hooray for your crappy neighbors moving!! That's got to be a relief! Cooper is just a doll. And, it sounds like you are doing a great job, Mom! When I pumped (in btwn feedings), I only got 1.5-2oz at time, which I read/heard was completely normal. And, I was also told by a lactation specialist that when you pump (at a scheduled feeding time), it's somewhat representative of what your baby is getting, except they are much more efficient than a pump and probably get 1oz-1.5oz more than what you're pumping. I bet he's just hit a little growth spurt!! (And, I still feel like a cow with the pump on- there's just nothing attractive about that!)

Jennifer said...

Cooper looks great! I can't wait to come see him tomorrow or Thursday! You are doing so awesome. The breastfeeding is the hardest part and holy cow you've made it 6 weeks which as we all know in breastfeeding land is equal to like 6 years.
Love you!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I cant get over your neighbors!!! That is insane! Glad they are gone! And, forgetting stuff...I hate that feeling...Is that common to happen after having a baby?

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Okay I cannot remember anything anymore either! Im glad Im not the only one! such a cute pic!