July 8, 2010

Narrowing it down

While I was still pregnant with Cooper, I would often dream of maternity leave and how wonderful it would be. Not only would I have my precious baby, but I would finally have all the time in the world to get some things done around the house. I had long to-do lists full of every tiny thing that we still need to do to our work-in-progress of a home.

Fast forward to today, one month in (gosh, he's one month today!! how is that possible?!) and I am laughing at myself and my impossible task list! I barely have time to eat a meal, let alone work on these projects.

So I have narrowed my list down to one thing. If I do nothing else, I WILL complete this ONE goal before I go back to work!

You see, when we repainted for the millionth time last time, all of the curtains for the living room and kitchen had to go. They didn't match anymore, at all. So, for the past year, our windows have been naked. In fact, Coop's window is the only one with a curtain! (I never did post pics of his room, did I? I should do that) I wouldn't hate it SO much if it weren't for the french doors we have in the living room that lead into the backyard. You see, the dogs LOVE to look out the doors, because the windows go all the way to the bottom. And those bottom windows are perfect for them to look out of. And they will. ALL.DAY.LONG. Literally. If we let them, they will just sit there and watch for birds/squirrels/who knows what. And they growl at whatever or at nothing. And sometimes they bark. And they think they see something that they HAVE to go out and chase so then they start running all over the house whining for us to let them out! It's annoying y'all.

So you know what we did about 6 months ago? We had had it with the annoying-ness of the situation. We were desperate. We NEEDED something, ANYTHING! to cover those windows. So we found some pictures, yes pictures (well one painting and once piece of hideous framed art) and we stuck them in front of the windows. This is what it currently looks like:
It's so embarrassing. Especially since people have been coming over to visit the baby. But this is the alternative:
And I just cannot handle that all day long. As it is, Zoe has still found a way to look out:
She's one smart puppy. Unfortunately for us! (See that open shelving to the left? Yeah, that's because we STILL haven't hung the cabinet doors that we ordered and have been sitting in the kitchen for about 3 months. Sheesh why can't we ever finish anything?!)

So this is the ONE thing that I will do in the 3 whole months I have off. I will find curtains for the living room! I've looked a little, and it's so hard to find the right thing! We are NOT ever painting again, so I want something that I really love because it's going to be around a while.

The good news is that this week, I've started working with the little man and we are now getting on a much more manageable schedule. I'm super excited about being able to leave the house without freaking out about if he's going to get hungry in the middle of Target or something, so we can actually go and look for curtains! I'm sure he will love it :)

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Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahaha. that is WAY too funny that the dogs do that!I thought you were going to say thet get their nose and drool all over the windows- that is what my dog does to our french doors. I think since we live in the woods, she is used to all the animals now! I dont have curtains on barely any windows because I dont know what I want or how to pick them out. I am really bad at that stuff.