July 22, 2010


How is it already Thursday? Every week, I am a day off. I've figured out that I lose Tuesday every week, I have no idea why. But every Wednesday, I think it's Tuesday so Thursday I think it's Wednesday, etc. Today I called to make a vet appointment for the girls on Friday and the girl was telling me what times were available tomorrow. I told her that I wanted to come in Friday, not tomorrow (because I thought tomorrow was Thursday) and she told me that tomorrow is Friday! I felt dumb :)

I wish the weeks would go by this fast when I have to work! Of course that will not be the case!

I need a project. Like something crafty or home decorating-related. I recently discovered the world of digital scrapbooking. Has anyone ever done this? There are even websites that have digital scrapbooking kits, complete with 'paper', 'ribbon', little cutouts and everything else you would use to make an actual scrapbook! If you search enough, you can even find a lot of it for free. This excites me to no end because I LOVE scrapbooking, but I never do it anymore. I think the last time I completed a scrapbook was when I was in grad school, which was probably 5 years ago. I never do it anymore because I just don't want to get all of the crap out. It makes a huge mess. I buy stuff all the time though. I love the papers. But then it just sits in a back bedroom and I never use any of it. I think I'm going to get rid of everything I have and just start digitally scrapbooking. There is a specific software program that I am comfortable creating things in, and I don't have it on this computer, so as soon as I get it, I'm going to start something for Cooper. I'm going to upload it to one of those websites where you can make photo books, like snapfish or something, there are a ton of them so I'm not sure exactly which one yet. I'm really excited about this :)

So, Lee's high school reunion is coming up. Obviously it's in his hometown which is about 3 hours away from here. Unfortunately I'm not going to get to go with him. I really wanted to go. His high school friends are really fun and we haven't seen them in soo long. Probably since our wedding over a year ago. And one of the couples got engaged recently and I was looking forward to seeing them since that happened. I also really wanted everyone to meet Cooper. I mean, he's pretty cute so I like to show him off :) Very few, like maybe 2, of his friends from home live around here, so none of them have gotten to see him in person. But we won't have anyone to watch him while we are there. The reunion is supposed to have one thing for families, which we would take him to, and then one event that's in the evening that's not really for kids to come to. Pretty standard events for a reunion. Lee's mom is visiting his sister since she and her family moved back down to the lower 48 from Alaska. His dad will be home...but neither one of us feels comfortable leaving Cooper with him. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Hell, leaving him with his mom would be a stretch to be perfectly honest. My parents said that we could leave him with them for the 2 nights we will be gone but I am really not ready to be away from him overnight, let alone two nights. Oh well. It's far from the end of the world. But we all know I'm a huge baby and I'm going to have to pack up all of our crap and stay with my parents while Lee is away. That was one thing when it was just me and I really didn't have to bring more than a change of clothes, but with Cooper, it's going to require considerably more. But when you think about the following, can you really blame me?

1. about 3 months ago, a man was shot and killed about a mile from our house. The men who did this were found in our neighborhood.
2. night before last, less than a mile from our house, a man robbed a Subway at gunpoint.

There were 2 other things I was going to say, but my post-pregnancy brain has forgotten them, as usual. Anyway, needless to say I just don't feel safe here when Lee isn't here. I can't wait until the day we can move!!

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