June 27, 2010

Cooper's first 2 weeks

Cooper had his 2 week appointment last week; here's what we learned:

21 inches long (65%) - up .5 inches from birth
7 lbs. 10 oz. (22%) - down 5 oz. from birth
35 cm head circumference (17%) - up .7 cm from birth

They were a little worried about his weight gain, so we're going back for a weight check this week. Honestly the doctor totally freaked me out about this. She also told me that "now is not the time to be eating healthy". Umm, clearly, she does not know me. I told her that I didn't really have an appetite on most days, and she went on and on about how I need to get more sleep so that I have a better appetite. I'm not sure that she has ever had a baby, because anyone who has would know what a joke that was. She made me feel really bad that he hadn't gained enough weight. (we had gone to the dr when he was 4 days old and he was 7lb 5oz so he had gained 5 oz in 9 days) Anyway, of course I ended up crying right there in the office because I felt like this was all my fault. Thankfully it was after the dr had left the room. Hopefully we get good news at his appt this week. He's been eating like crazy so we'll see.

Some randoms about Cooper:
  • This boy does NOT want his arms to be swaddled! If you notice, in most pictures, his hands are by his face. He loves his hands! He had them like that in the womb also, which made it really difficult to see his face in his 4D ultrasound.
  • He cries for one of two reasons: He's hungry or he's gassy. Um, he's hungry a LOT, and he is gassy a LOT, so that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't cry a lot! But at least we know what he wants.
  • He is a mover for sure! I say that he is doing his exercises :) I need to video it sometime, it's pretty funny/adorable. I think I told you while I was pregnant how often he moved, like 24/7. Well, he moves just as much now as he ever did in the womb. Lee made a comment about how it was no wonder I complained about how much he moved if his current movement was any indication of how much he moved while on the inside.
  • He loves his swing.
  • He also loves for you to bounce him up and down, or for you to put him up on your shoulder and stand up so he can look around
  • He is a pretty good sleeper, in my opinion. I often have to wake him up during the night to eat. In the first few days, I sometimes couldn't even wake him up to do that.
  • He makes some really funny faces when he sleeps. My favorite is when he purses his lips like he's kissing
  • He gets the hiccups all the time. I feel so bad for him because there's nothing I can really do to help him. They don't really seem to bother him.
  • He does NOT like pacifiers! He's very dramatic about it and acts like he's gagging.
And now for a million pictures:
Doing his exercises
Daddy with all of the babies :) Haha
First shopping trip!
Lee's first Fathers Day
A few from his newborn session :)


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

he is so cute! dont worry about that dr. my daughters dr. made me feel bad about stuff too and made me cry too! you look great and so does cooper :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Ohh, I love the last one of him, well, I love them all, but the last one made me really smile! Sounds like he is a such a great baby!

Kaitlin said...

He is so sweet! He has changed so much since we saw him last :) And, I know it's super hard not to stress about it, but try not to worry about the weight stuff. We had the same issues with Leighton (lost too much in the hospital apparently then didn't gain enough by the 2 week mark so I had to pump round the clock and give her extras). She caught up in the weight category on her own time (3 month growth spurt!) and I think that's true for a lot of bfed babies. He looks perfectly healthy to me!!

katandkarl said...

Holy lord he's so cute!!!! I love the one's with Lee and Cooper on chest - nothing melts my heart like a daddy with a sleeping baby on chest!!!

Jennifer said...

He's so perfect! Looking forward to coming and visiting this week!

Lindsey said...

This last pic is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!!!!!