June 1, 2010


So.  I have a job interview.  Tomorrow.  I am completely UNqualified for this position.  It is 100% commission-based.  It requires working nights AND weekends.  And I’m actually not completely sure what the position entails. 


So am I crazy that I kind of REALLY want the job? 


Realistically, I will not get the job.  But what does it hurt to go on the interview?  Nothing.  And if I for some reason DO get offered the job, I’m not even sure I can take it because it’s completely based on commission.  But STILL.  And I’m pretty sure that they have several other candidates.  Whatever.


So tomorrow morning, I’m going to walk into this guys office with my resume that is 100% UNrelated to this field.


Oh and I am 9 months pregnant.  I left that little detail out when I spoke with them.  Is it wishful thinking to hope that they just don’t notice?  Ha!


If I don’t get laughed out of the office in the first 5 minutes, I think we’ll call it a success.


jv726 said...

Good luck!! You never know what will happen until you try!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

good luck! your so cute Im sure they will offer you the job!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahahaha. I hope they dont need someone Right away, you know considering you are about to go on maternity leave! Way to go for it!! I am impressed.