June 30, 2010

3 week pictures and weight check

Okay, I promise that I'm not going to always post weekly pictures of my baby, but this week, they were really funny so I had to post them all.

He was hungry, so he really didn't want to cooperate
LOL, I felt really bad when he did this
He finally just put his hand over his face so I stopped :)
And just because they are cute:

We went to the dr today to check his weight. I was nervous that they weren't going to be happy and that they were going to tell me I was going to have to start pumping, which I'm not ready to do just yet. Well I didn't need to worry at all because he weighs 8lbs 12oz! Haha, he gained over a full pound in one week :) The dr was very happy and I was happy that she was happy!

He did have to get some medicine for acid reflux :( I feel bad for him because we can tell that something has been hurting him / making him uncomfortable, and it made a lot of sense when she suggested that's what it might be. My dad and I both have had lots of issues with it in the past.

And now I have to run because someone's hungry!


Jax said...

He's so adorable! GOOD GRIEF!! :) Sorry about the acid reflux, but glad he got some meds.. I love the last pic of him and the dog. It looks like they're having a deep convo.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

so so so stinkin cute!!!!! aww sorry about the reflux..I hope the meds get to working quickly!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I love the weekly pictures in the chair to track his growth.
yey for gaining weight! :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Just came across your blog somehow and have enjoyed reading, and just wanted to say hi! Cooper is SO precious!! Love that hair. I have a little boy just a few weeks older than him. So much work, but so much fun, huh? :)