February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap!

We had a great weekend!  It started out a little rocky on Friday, though.  About 2:30, I got a call from daycare saying that Cooper had a 102 fever :/  Womp womp.  The child had been well for 10 days, so clearly this was bound to happen.  So, my dad picked him up for us.  He had already planned to pick him up around 3:30 so that Lee and I could have a date night after work. Sadly, we cancelled our much anticipated night out to pick up our sick boy and cuddle him.  He seemed to be doing okay, not terrible, but he did go to sleep at 6 that night.  Lee and I had a crazy night of takeout and DVR watching.  We may or may not have gone to bed at 8:30.  I can’t confirm or deny.

Shockingly, Cooper slept through the night and woke up in a good mood on Saturday.  Although he did wake up at 4:30am ready to get his day started.  He seemed okay, but still had a fever, and since he had just gotten over RSV and pneumonia, we wanted to be sure that those were all gone.  Lee took him in to the doctor, and he was fine, but we learned that one of his tubes is clogged.  Apparently this can be bad and cause the tube to pop out if it doesn’t get cleared up.  So we got some ear drops and an antibiotic.  He didn’t seem like he was feeling too bad though, so that’s good! 

While they were at the doctor, I ran a few errands.  Grocery store, paint store, and nail salon.  Yes, I went to the nail salon while my husband was at the doctor with my kid.  One of the signs you know you’re at the doctor with your kid too much!  Anyway, I got my nails did and it was fun to have some “me” time.

The rest of Saturday was spent hanging around the house.  It was a pretty gloomy day out.  Cold and rainy.  We did tackle some lingering projects in Cooper’s room though!  I hope to have it completely finished soon.  At least by his second birthday!  Ha!

That night, we had yummy homemade mac and cheese for dinner.  This is seriously the BEST mac and cheese!  It’s from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, I believe.  Talented photographer, I am not.  I know this is a horrible picture!4

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day!  It was so sunny and warm out.  I ran a few errands in the morning.  Including another trip to the paint store where I actually purchased paint.  The first time I went, I made the mistake of asking for the paint guy’s opinion on how much paint to buy.  Htold me to measure the rooms and go back and he could estimate for me.  Well, I tried explaining that I didn’t think that would work for the areas we are painting, but I got nervous and said I would measure and go back.  Only to NOT measure, and go back anyway!  We are painting the common areas of the house: entry, living, dining, kitchen, hallways, upstairs gameroom.  None of these areas have 4 walls, and none of the walls are solid.  Most have a cutout or a window, or something.  Anyway.  Lee and I very carefully calculated how much paint we would need by staring at the rooms for a minute (you can see all of them from the entry), squinting our eyes, and agreeing to 6 gallons.  We’ll see how that works out!

That afternoon, Lee ran some errands and I took Cooper to the park.  I couldn’t believe how nice it was out!  We played at the park for about an hour.  Cooper has gotten SO much better about playing around other kids.  He loves to play with older kids, but he used to get too excited and would get too close, or try to hug (which really was more like a tackle).  Anyway, he is actually kind of shy now?!  If the other kids talked to him, he would listen, and then run to my leg.  He did end up playing with a couple of boys, and it was so nice that I wasn’t freaking out that he was going to tackle someone!

He also re-discovered the sand box.  Oh boy.  I’m not sure if I ever blogged about it, but Cooper has played in a sand box one other time.  When he was about 11 months old, there was a sand box at a friend’s birthday party.  Well, Cooper ate the sand.  And freaked out!  Screamed and cried.  He did that twice!  Two separate times of eating sand and completely freaking out!  I have some great photos, but not with me.  Luckily, this time, he just kept picking up handfulls and throwing it in the air.  Once he acted like he was going to eat it, and I said no, and he laughed and threw it.  Whew!  Such a jokester.  Anyway, he LOVED it!  I almost couldn’t get him out of there.

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After the park, we went home and cleaned the house a little and did some laundry.  Cooper got to vacuum, so he had a blast.  That boy and the vacuum.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

After dinner, Cooper had a “bubboo” (bubble)  bath and went to bed.  Lee and I watched the Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice!  Anyone watch those?  Brendon and Rachel on Amazing Race…lordy.  Those two are crazy.  We started watching Celebrity Apprentice a few minutes into it, and they were showing the girls.  I had NO idea who anyone was, other than the girl from Wayne’s World, and the Real Housewives of NJ girl.  Ha!  Seriously, no clue about the others, until I saw some of their names.  I did recognize a couple then.  Aubrey O’Day.  That girl needs to get a clue.  I only recognized her name from when she won that MTV reality series with P.Diddy, or whatever his name was at that time.


Ashley said...

I would freak out if I ate sand too! ugh, that must just hurt your teeth and mouth! I like your way of calulating how much paint you would need. I hate painting and the thought of painting THAT much space was making me anxious! haha.

S said...

I cannot believe how big he is getting! He is a little man! Lazy weekends are the best :)

S said...

And by lazy weekends I mean going to bed at 8:30. It is one of my guilty pleasures for sure!

J said...

The mac n cheese looks/sounds good. can you post the recipe? (Or send a link to find it online?)