February 1, 2012

Some Randoms For Ya

I have been super Debbie Downer on here lately, haven’t I? I hate being Debbie Downer! Rest assured I have been using this blog as a place to vent. I do not hate life, and I am actually HAPPY the majority of the time! :)

I turn 30 this year. I wanted to take a trip somewhere with just Lee. Actually, I wanted to go to San Francisco, and we started planning it. And then we thought about ALL of the other things we could do with the money we were spending. Like buy a new couch and other things for the house. And then I started having anxiety (shocking!) about whether we should take the trip or buy furniture. Then yesterday I suddenly made the decision to take a small trip to Kansas City or something AND buy furniture (or something for the house). And now I have no anxiety. Whew. Clearly I stress myself out about really important things.

Last weekend, I picked up 2 prescriptions. I had to wait forever so that the pharmacist could check them to make sure they were correct. Then, I got home, and they had reversed the labels on them!

Cooper is not really doing much better. We can’t get his fever to go down. It’s usually around 103. Yesterday I couldn’t stand being at work and not with him, so I left work and picked him up. When we got home, he refused to nap even though he was (literally) closing his eyes and swaying every few minutes, then I started feeling sick and running a fever, then the dog threw up. So that was fun.

We started working on some long overdue projects for the house last weekend. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I had my hair dyed back to its original color sometime around Christmas, and my old highlights have been peeking through for a couple of weeks. I don’t mind, I was just surprised at how stubborn the blonde is. I have no plans to start coloring it again anytime soon. I suddenly decided that it was a waste of money. After about 16 years of getting it highlighted, haha!

I am really enjoying this non-winter winter we are having! It’s is often in the 60s around here and I love it! Although I am nervous for summertime if this continues.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

and you are not debbie downer :)

Holly said...

Vent away, lady! We all go through, whether we write about it or not. :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I vote for a trip to KC!! I mean San Fran is probably cool, but I don't live there so it automatically loses points. Plus they don't have The Nebraska Furniture Mart! ;)

Cori H. said...

You're not a Debbie Downer at all! We all have those days. Sounds like you came to the perfect conclusion to your trip dilemma. You get the best of both worlds! I hope Cooper starts feeling better soon! I agree, this weather has been awesome. I can't remember a time when we had so many 60 degree days back to back during the winter.