January 10, 2012

Project 365: Week 1

Yay!  I’m going to do Project 365 this year!  I really hope I can remember to take a picture every day.  So far, so good, but I’m sure in the future you may get  a picture (or 10) of my pajama pants because I’ve forgotten and only remembered right before I go to sleep :)

Week 1

January 1: We went to Target on New Year’s Day and Cooper  took his first ride in one of these fun carts.  i promise he was more excited than he looks in the picture :)

January 2: Cooper’s first time to watch the movie Cars.  His little expression crack me up!  He kept pointing excitedly to the tv.  It kept his attention for a whole 5 minutes!

January 3: This is my One Line a Day book that I mentioned in my 2012 goals.  See how small it is?  Makes it super easy to just quickly jot down a fun memory from the day.

January 4: Cooper got a tent for Christmas and he loves playing in it.  He will go in there and lay down.  He was vacuuming it on this evening :)

January 5: I snapped this pic of Cooper’s bed while he was getting a bath.  He sleeps with a TON of blankets!  One was missing because he has to hold it while he is getting his jammies on after his bath.  Funny boy!

January 6: Cooper didn’t sleep much, if at all, the night before because of an upper respiratory infection and teeth (poor buddy).  He fell asleep in the car on the way to daycare.  I felt so bad waking him up to go in.

January 7: We went over to my parents’ house to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  Cooper played with his Little People Zoo and he looked so big standing next to it.


Maria said...

Love Project 365 but not sure I could commit to it :( Also, that tent and the Target buggy look so fun. My son is younger but I think he would enjoy as well.

Aja said...

Fun! I'm so impressed when I see Project 352s... I don't think I would make it! I settled for a project 52 this year to ease into things :) I love that One Line a Day journal! May need to get one.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

vaccuming the tent! hahah. SO CUTE. I love it. I love this idea. I wonder if you will make it all year :)

Jax said...

I love this Project 365 thing! He does look like he's getting so tall standing next to the Little People Zoo! I just love the heck out of this kid!