September 5, 2011


I think we all know that Cooper started school last week.  Thank you all for your words of encouragement!  I was a nervous wreck, and of course I woke up late.  Cooper also had  a cold complete with runny nose.  But he did GREAT!!  I was so surprised, and so was his teacher, since I had warned her that he had never been to daycare before! 

Since we were running late, I was in a hurry, but we rushed around and hurriedly took a few pictures before heading out the door.

Dragging his backpack around:



A quick pic with mama, not the best (Oh, p.s. he also had a busted lip from running around in his crib one naptime the weekend before, poor kid):


We got to school, found his room, and met his teacher.  His regular teachers were not there this week for various reasons, which made me even more nervous, but the girl taking their place was super nice and I really like her.

The kids are able to eat breakfast when the arrive if you bring something, which we did, so we got him all situated in those freaking adorable tables that have all those bucket-like seats in them.

Mr Cutie Patootie in his seat with his waffle.  This is his WTF face.  He had this face pretty much the entire time I was with him.  He didn’t freak out, just kept looking around like “what is going on here?”  You can tell he was tired and didn’t feel 100% in the pictures, which added even more concern for me.  Yes, I am always this neurotic.  My poor husband and child.


The teacher offered to take our picture :) I told you I liked her.  Look at his cute little feet dangling :)


I didn’t want to linger and/or get upset in front of Cooper, so I talked to the teacher for about a minute after this, warned her that I would probably call a million times to check on him, and I left.  But, then I had to go back in because I had forgotten his enrollment form that was in his backpack.  Crap.  I ran in real fast and grabbed it.  Cooper was crying a little.  More whining, but the teacher was taking care of him and I ran out.  He did see me but barely.

After I got everything settled with the office, I left and was on my way to work when I realized that in all of my nervousness I had taken his waffle with me!  Oh no.  I had to take it back because he needed to eat.  So I turned around, not a big deal because I hadn’t made it far at all.  But by the time I got back to his room, there were lots more babies and mamas there, so I was able to run in and out without him even seeing me.  And he wasn’t crying or anything.  Probably just had his WTF face on :)

I did not cry.  I teared up a lot of times, but I did not cry.  Until everyone at work asked me how it went.  After the 3rd person, I did start crying. I was grateful though, that everyone cared.  And understood and I got hugs and felt better.  I called several times during the day, and I was surprised to hear that he was doing great!  They said that he cried for a minute when they went on the playground (weird, he loves outside) and also for a minute when they went to the gym.  But other than that, he was having a “great” day :) I was soooooo relieved to hear that!  He even ate most of his lunch AND napped on a cot

Lee had something after work that day and I could have picked him up, but it would have been pretty late, so my dad insisted on picking him up.  He missed him and had been texting me all day about how Cooper was doing :)  My dad said when he went to the room, Cooper was playing at a table, heard my dad’s voice, and went running to him, haha.  So cute.

Cooper’s little report card thing for the day said “Cooper had a GREAT day! :)”

On Friday when I dropped him off, he did cry a lot, but his teacher had him and I left pretty quickly.  I ran into a girl I went to college with in the hall. Turns out her son and Cooper are in the same class.  She has really helped me to feel even more at ease with everything.  They love the daycare.  And she told me that as soon as they walked into the classroom on Friday, Cooper stopped crying and was fine.  I called only ONE time to check on him that day.  He was doing great again :)

Oh, funny story, Lee got off work early on Friday, and was going to pick up Cooper, but it was during their nap time, so I called to see if he was napping.  All I said was “My husband was going to pick up our son early, but I wanted to make sure he wasn’t napping”, and the girl on the phone said “Okay, is this Cooper’s mom?”  I was a little embarrassed, laughed and said yes.  I really don’t think I’m the crazy mom that calls all the time, but it was funny.

Now, the question is…am I still allowed to call every day to check on him?!  Do people just not call during the day?  This will take some getting used to!


Lindsey said...

Weird that my sitter and I facebook each other? I don't really check in on him, I just let her know something I forgot to tell her at drop off. Honestly, you do what makes you feel the most comfortable. After a few weeks, the comfort and routine will become norm and I know the urge to call will decrease. Hang in there!

brooke knight said...

Ha - I have most always been the opposite - I don't want to know, or I'll worry! They will call you if anything major is wrong, but they probably don't mind if you call when you need to! So glad he had a good first week.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

So glad he had a great first week! I love that he has a backpack! We just take Jamie and his bag of cloth diapers everyday. Maybe when he's in the preschool room we'll get him a bag. :)

And I don't call. I never have. In fact on the first day I called once, only because I was afraid if I didn't they'd think I was a horrible mom for not checking in! LOL. If it makes you feel better though, then I say do it! It's just never been anything I needed for peace of mind.

Jax said...

hahahahaha. "Is this Cooper's mom?" hahahaha.. You're so adorable, friend. I am going to be JUST like you when I'm a momma. I mean.. hell.. I drive back home from the office JUST to make sure I turned off the straighener and the house isn't going to burn down. I lvoe that you accidentally took his waffle with you and had to go back.. :) His little legs dangling in that chair are freaking adorable! And I love the pic of him dragging his backpack! He is just such a cutie patootie! AGH! I just wanna scoop him up and hug him!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

who answers the phone? the teacher? or like an office person? I say call as long as you want. I have wanted to call a lot, but I generally I feel like she will respond when she can ...but thats a home place.
I think he will LOVE going to school. That table with a chair is hilarious. I dont think I have ever seen one of those!! TOO CUTE. you look great Mama! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

he looks SO big in these pictures! My sitter texts me pictures and stuff during the day and I will text her any questions. I say call until you're comfortable.

jenny collier said...

Looks like he did great. Hudson started his first week of Mother's Day Out two weeks ago...and in now screaming when I drop him off. Breaks my heart! Hopefully he'll take after Cooper and make this a bit easier. :)