September 19, 2011

Our Weekend

Was spent doing this:


Cooper is still sick.  For 4 weeks now :(

It started out as a runny nose the Monday of the week he started daycare.  We thought it was allergies and gave him benadryl, which really did nothing.

One weekend, he refused to sleep unless we were holding him, so we rook him to urgent care, where we saw seriously the best doctor ever.  I loved her.  She said it was an ear infection.  A “bad” one.  Yikes.  They gave him amoxicillin.

A week later, he was not any better, so we went to see our pediatrician.  That was the day he started getting the rash from the amoxicillin.  The ped said his ear infections was not gone, so he gave us a different antibiotic.  We have since learned that the rash may NOT be because he was/is allergic.  That rash apparently happens in 5-10% of those who take amoxicillin, and it’s just a reaction, and not allergic.  Weird.  So maybe he is not allergic.  We will probably steer clear of it in the future though, because it got pretty bad.

photo 1

5 days after that, which was this Saturday, Cooper was so lethargic, and all he wanted was for me to hold him.  He even slept on me.  As you can probably imagine, that never happens these days!  And although I did enjoy cuddles, it was so sad :(  And his fever was 103-104.  His terrible runny nose was back again, and he was acting like he had been when we went to urgent care.  He wasn’t sleeping at night, and he wasn’t eating at all.  Mini club crackers is all we could get him to occasionally eat.

We decided to call the pediatrician, who prescribed a third antibiotic!  A baby Z-Pak, for those of you familiar with the amazingness of a Z-Pak.  They always kick whatever you’ve got, for me at least.  It’s only a 3 day dose, so he should have been feeling better today.  Which, his runny nose was WAY better, non-existent really.  But, his fever!  I don’t understand why he would have a constant 103-104 fever.  It was sooo hard to get it down, too.  We have to give him Motrin every 4 hours, instead of 6 like it says (on the doctor’s advice) and even then, we really never could get it all the way down. 

In addition to this constant sickness, he is getting 4-5 teeth.  We think 5 but aren’t sure.  Poor guy!  So when his fever wasn’t better today, I called and they said to bring him in just to check.  Because I wasn’t sure if maybe it’s just his teeth?  That is such a high fever for teething though.  And his sleeping is still horrible.  And he still wouldn’t eat.

After a really sad appointment where they took blood and swabbed his throat, everything came back normal.  And the doctor said his ears look great.  So.  He doesn’t have anything.  Good news.  Hopefully he is at the end of this business.  I feel so so badly for him being sick for a month!  He did eat some lunch and dinner today, though.  And he played for a little bit, so that is promising.  I just feel so bad when I can’t help, you know?

I wonder if, since he started getting sick before he started daycare, if maybe his little immune system couldn’t shake the ear infection with all the little germies from all the kids at school.  Just to be safe, we are keeping him at home for the week to see if that helps.  I hope so, because I miss my happy, playful buddy!

photo 2


Kaitlin said...

Poor Cooper!! No matter how the rash looks, they always make me nervous. Glad he's on the mend...I think your germ theory w/ daycare is likely!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Awww...poor guy! Jamie had a snotty nose for 3 weeks, I actually just noticed today that I hadn't wiped his nose in a while so hopefully (fingers crossed) he finally kicked it to the curb! We're also dealing with teething, we're all so over it! Wish they would just come in already!

Erica said...

This post is so sad! Four weeks is forever. Poor little guy. Kristen had a rash from Augmentin (probably spelled that wrong) which has Amoxicillan in it. I hope he is getting better soon, hopefully these teeth have something to do with it all too, I know Kirsten gets colds/sinus stuff when teething. Hang in there!

Brandi said...

I wanted to post even though we don't know each other. When my youngest was going into daycare my pediatrician said the first 6 weeks would be the hardest, that he would pick everything up! A couple days before he started he got RSV (at 10 weeks)! He was in daycare from 10 weeks to 18 months when we moved and I became a SAHM. He has since been sick free. My oldest son however never got sick. So I hope he feels better soon! Hopefully once his immune system gets "used" to the extra germs he will be okay.

Jax said...

Awww poor guy! :( I hope he feels better soon!

Ashley said...

awww this makes me so sad!!! He must just feel horrible. IM glad things are starting to look up though. I didnt even know that was you in that picture :)